b'if youre looking for a school where everyone or nearly everyone boards full time and there isnt a mass exodus at weekends, you still have quite a few options. The shape of the school day at full boarding schools can be different because there is theoretically more space in the timetable, but from what we see this tends to mean pupils just do even more. If your child likes to have plenty of down time then full boarding may not suit!.Boys full boarding schools These include some of the most famous names in British education such as Eton, Radley and Harrow. Winchester College broke ranks in 2021, announcing not only that it would take day boys in the sixth form from 2022, but also offer day and, from 2024, boarding places to girls. We see no signs of the other three following suit, so far.Historically, boys from the English upper classes were sent to these schools to be educated as future leaders, statesmen, bishops and military commanders. Nowadays, boys from all over the world and many different backgrounds compete for places. Nor do you necessarily have to come from a wealthy The shape of the day at full boardingfamily. The former head of Eton, schools is different because there is Anthony Little, believes schools more space in the timetable like Eton should be needs blind. He told The Good Schools Guide, We do not want to be a nishing school for the titled and rich. Noble sentiments and ones that schools such as Eton and many others are trying to live up to with scholarships and 100 per cent bursaries. At many schools a signicant number of pupils will be in receipt of some nancial support, but the reality is that with fees heading past 40,000 pa, the average pupil at a full boarding school is not going to come from a family of modest means.26'