b'choices, including Oundle, Uppingham and Marlborough College. Rugby School, Shrewsbury School and Malvern College are also majority full boarding only but have more day pupils. Because of its proximity to London, Wellington College is de facto weekly boarding since so many pupils go home for Saturday night. All these schools take a small number of day pupils but dont offer weekly or exi boarding options. Girls and boys live in separate boarding accommodation with clear rules about what is out of bounds to visitors of the opposite sex. Some schools have co-ed sixth-form boarding houses, but boundaries are in place. See Sex, drugs and homesickness, page 58, for more information on this.Weekly boarding Weekly boarding is growing in popularity, particularly for children who live too far away to be day pupils or whose parents work long hours and/or frequently travel abroad. Weekly boarders go home either on Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons and return to school on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings. For many children, this offers the best of both worlds: they have all the benets of a full boarding school during the week, work hard and spend lots of time with their friends, then relax at home with their parents on Saturdays and Sundays. Parents are keen on weekly boarding too. They like the fact that they dont have to nag about homework or getting up on time in the morning and feel that home time is quality time. Many opt for boarding schools within an hours drive so they can still turn up for sports matches, concerts and drama productions during the term.31'