b'What age to start boarding? Most children start boarding at the age of 11 or 13. At this age children themselves tend to have a say in the matter. Indeed, Good Schools Guide writers report that children often ask their parents to let them boardrather than the other way around. Some prep schools admit boarders under the age of 10 and make special provision for them with bedrooms that look much closer to how things are at home (rather than dorms) and, because numbers will be small, an evening regime that is exible. At Horris Hill, for example, where they have a few boarders under the age of 10, if its hot they can have a swim, if everyones exhausted they go to bed early.The sixth form is another entry point for rst-time boarders. We visit many schools where there are more boarders in the sixth form than lower down the schoollargely because 16- to 18-year-olds are keen to concentrate on their studies, socialise with their friends in their spare time and get a taste of living away Most children start boarding at thefrom home prior to university. Sixth-age of 11 or 13. At this age theyform boarders will generally have tend to have a say in the matter their own study bedrooms in separate accommodation with well-equipped kitchens (Ocado will deliver to boarding schools!), washing machines, even yoga studios. At Westonbirt School, where over three-quarters of sixth formers board, one girl told us, There arent so many distractions, it helps us stay focused on our studies. Todays boarding schools pride themselves on helping students become more independent before university. At Heatheld, an all-girls boarding school in Ascot, Berkshire, girls in the upper sixth live in their own bungalow on site, while Burford School, a co-ed state boarding school in Oxfordshire, has created a at within the boarding house for a group of sixth-form girls to get them ready for the university years. At Rendcomb School in Gloucestershire, 41'