b'8JOEMFTIBN\x01)PVTF\x014DIPPMAn independent day and boarding schoolfor boys and girls aged 4 to 13.t Occasional, Flexible, Weekly & Full Boardingt Uniquely designed Windlesham House Challenge & Diplomat tt Extensive Activities ProgrammeWeekly Bus to LondonIncredible FacilitiesContact us 01903 874701 | [email protected] | 10 Minutes from Worthing & Horsham | RH20 4AYBy the time they leave School, they are able to think critically, have high aspirations and a self- beliefthattherearefewthingstheycannot achieve. Independent School InspectorateYouwantyourdaughtertoachieveacademically but you want her to be intelligent in other ways tooto be confident socially, to have a strong moral compass, to shape the world around her, to believe in herself.AtStCatherineswesupportyourdaughterin building the intellect and character that will help her develop as a bright, confident, compassionate andvibrantindividual.Attheheartofthisis developinghersenseofself-belief,thatshecan achieve whatever she is driven to do in life.St Catherines, BramleyGSA Day & Boarding School since 1885|4 - 18 years Guildford GU5 0DF|admissions @ stcatherines.info'