b'Scholarships and bursariesBoarding schools, like all schools, want clever children. Children who will shine in arts and sports, children who will be excellent all-rounders and who will contribute generously to the academic, cultural and social life of the school. To this end they will offer considerable nancial help to families with children who meet this description but who would not otherwise be able to attend because of high fees. Many good boarding schools offer scholarships and bursaries in order to attract able and talented pupils. Scholarships are now usually worth more in glory than in fee reduction but bursaries can be worth up to 100 per cent of fees plus supplementary help for trips and equipment, if needed. But how do you nd out what nancial assistance could be out there for you? Often, the information on schools websites is hazy and unhelpful and you have no option but to call up and, perhaps, tell more about yourselves than you feel ready to with so little information. The GSGEC Scholarships and Bursaries Service The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants has created a unique central resource for parents. We now hold information on the fee assistance available at more than 500 schools in The Good Schools Guide and, increasingly, at other good schools. We wont be able to tell you exactly whatin raw nancial termsa school might offer you in terms of bursarial help, as this will depend on many things, such as your income, your nancial commitments and the number of children you havebut we will be able to tell you about the schools criteria for scholarships and bursaries. We also know of odd and unusual awards eg for the children of clergy or sailors or children whose parent has died. We 54'