b'for staffespecially at co-ed full-boarding establishments. At most schools intimate or explicit sexual relations are classed as misconduct that can lead to suspension or expulsion. Some schools ban any public display of affection; some dont. However, as with drink and drugs, banning sex doesnt mean it wont happen. Some schools allow 18-year- Parents of girls in particular may want olds to visit approved pubs orto get a feeling for the state of gender restaurants in the nearest town relations in the school. The barrage of publicity generated by the testimonies on the Everyones Invited website has led to schools reviewing and sharpening up their PHSE offering, widening debate and actively listening and if necessary, acting upon pupils concerns. We also now give more coverage specically to what schools are doing around equality and diversity in our reviews.Rules about what happens on school premises are fair enough, but its a much greyer area when full boarders attend private parties at, for instance, a day pupils house. Parental permission must be obtained to attend this kind of event, but responsibility for policing pupils behaviour under these circumstances cannot be the schools. You should feel able to raise questions and discuss concerns about this or any other matter with the school. Talking to parents with older children at the school is also a good idea if you want to nd out just how intimate the relationship is between policy and reality. The Pastoral care, well-being and discipline section of our reviews covers these issues. If your own domestic regime is more Liberty Hall than Dotheboys Hall you will need to discuss potential schools disciplinary policies with your child and be realistic if you think the worlds are too far apart.60'