b'ethos, results and teaching quality of a traditional British education without travelling anywhere near the UK. Over the past few years, some of the most famous names in education have opened offshoots overseas. You can get a Harrow education in Bangkok, Beijing or Hong Kong, become a Rugby pupil in Thailand or sign up for Brighton College in Abu Dhabi. Westminster School has set up no fewer than six schools in China (teaching the Chinese curriculum the Westminster way). Ethos and teaching standards are recognisably the same even if the facilities (sport is often air-conditioned and inside, for example) arent. Some important points:Distrust any educational rms offering to nd your child a place in a UK school. If free to you, they may well be getting a commission. Similarly, a bill for securing you a guaranteed school place should also sound alarm bells. Speak to the school yourself. The key entry points into UK schools are at age 11, 13 or 16. Many schools will consider potential applicants outside these times, but bear in mind that its often on a one in, one out basisplaces become available only if another pupil leaves. Look past fabulous exam results. Top schools do well because they select top pupils. What it proves is that parents of the brightest children send them there. It doesnt necessarily tell you how well it teaches them. Check how EAL provision (if required) is organised. Ideally, ask to sit in on some lessons to give you an idea of the standards/commitment and enthusiasm youll be gettingand try to talk to similar pupils. Consider applying for scholarships if your child is outstanding (academic, musical and sporting excellence 67'