b'GuardiansIf a child is starting school in the UK and their parents live abroad, it makes sense to have another adult in the frame, someone who can act as a stand-in parent and become a trusted presence in their lives when they need someone to turn to. This person is known as a guardian (or education guardian). Sometimes the role is taken by a relative, but if the family has no relatives in the UK a professional guardian can be appointed. Guardians meet and greet their charges from the airport at the start of term and do the reverse when it ends. In addition, they may sign forms, attend parent teacher meetings or sort out things such as The importance of the guardiansmobile phone contracts and dentists role was highlighted during theappointments. Guardians may also global pandemic need to step in at very short notice at times of crisis, for instance if a child hits a problem and is excluded, suspended, or needs urgent medical treatment. The importance of the guardians role was highlighted during the global pandemic when some pupils became stranded in the UK, unable to y home. Despite what you may read online, there is in fact no legal requirement to appoint a guardian and education guardians have no formal status. Aegis (the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students), which is the closest the industry comes to a trade body, conrmed that it is not a legal requirement for an international student to have an education guardian when studying in the UK. However, while failure to appoint an education guardian isnt against the law, it may tax your relationship with a school and severely impede the chances of your child being offered a place (its often made a condition of acceptance). 70'