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Bahrain flagBahrain pre-schools, nursery schools and kindergartens recommended by expat parents, compiled by expert expat Kate Carey - thanks to much personal experience.

NB We don't necessarily visit playschools, nurseries or kindergartens and definitely don't look at them as thoroughly as we do primary and secondary schools. We only include them as a section of a full GSGI write-up if they are part of a primary or K-12 school (Schools with basic entries or full GSGI write-ups are highlighted below).

However, these are amongst the ones in Bahrain recommended or mentioned by parents. We list them here just to give you a place to start, to help you make up your own short list. 

We always appreciate any feedback from parents (contact us), and we'll remove schools or add them as we hear about them or receive updates, even from this informal list.

There are numerous pre-schools and nurseries in Bahrain. Your choice will depend on where you decide to live, waiting lists (which can be long) and whether you wish your child to go to a small pre-school or the nursery section of one of the large international schools. Most of the pre-schools are situated in the popular expat residential areas of Budaiya, Saar and Hamala in the west of Bahrain, or in Adliya, close to central Manama

Bright Beginnings Daycare and Childcare Development Centre

Building 1549
Road 2733
Block 327
Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: +973 1771 0405
Fax: +973 1774 9405
Email: [email protected]

Creative Curriculum for Pre-Schools; age 3 months to 4 years.

Housed in a brightly painted converted villa in the central location of Adliya, this is one of the only pre-schools that also offers daycare for babies from 3 months. 

British Preparatory School

Rahim Villas
Entrance 300
Saar Avenue
Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: +973 1779 2010
Fax: +973 1779 3010
Email: [email protected]

National Curriculum of England Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1; age 18 months to 6 years.

The school opened in 2008 and is owned and run by the former head of St Christopher’s Infant School (one of the leading international schools) and is situated in two converted villas in Saar, a popular residential area in the west of Bahrain. Teachers and assistants are UK qualified. Uniform is required. 

British School of Bahrain (Infants School) 

PO Box 30733
Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: +973 1761 3330
Fax: +973 1761 3230
Email: [email protected]

National Curriculum of England Foundation Stage; age 3-5 years.

The school is in a separate building on the same campus as the Junior and Senior Schools in Hamala, a residential area in the west of Bahrain. Uniform is required. The infant section is known to be friendly and caring and is a popular choice with expats wanting their children to move on to the junior section of the school. 

Budaiya Pre-School

PO Box 30255
Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: +973 1779 1491
Fax: +973 1779 1766
Email: [email protected]

National Curriculum of England Early Years Foundation Stage; age 2-5 years.

The school was established in 1994 (with its current building being purpose built in 2004) and is in the popular expat area of Saar, in the west of Bahrain. Social Arabic is taught to children aged over 3 years twice a week. Children are required to wear school t-shirts. 

Children’s House Montessori Nursery School

Building 208
Road 57
Area 557
Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: +973 1769 9844
Email: [email protected]

Montessori method; ages 18 months to 6 years.

The Children’s House was established in 1997 and was the first Montessori School in Bahrain. The school is in a converted house in Janabiya (close to Saar and Budaiya) and has two classes of mixed age groups.  

Early Learners Nursery

Building 782
Road 2925
Block 529
Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: +973 1361 3972
Email: [email protected]

National Curriculum of England Early Years Foundation Stage; age 20 months to 4+ years.

This friendly school is in the expat area of Saar and is owned and run by a fully qualified British primary teacher. Half hour French and Arabic classes are offered twice a week and weekly swimming lessons are available. Popular with expats. 

Little Gems Pre-School

Building 30
Road 2861
Barbar 528
Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: +973 1769 4356
Fax: +973 1769 1832
Email:[email protected]

National Curriculum of England Early Years Foundation Stage; ages 21 months to 5 years.

This privately-owned pre-school was started in 1993. In 2007, it moved to purpose built premises in Barbar in the west of Bahrain. The school is well-established, with a good reputation and popular with expats. Uniform is required. 

Madeleine’s Pre-School

PO Box 933
Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: +973 1772 0290

Montessori method; ages 2-6 years.

Established in 1982, this privately owned school in the central area of Adliya offers a bilingual (English/Arabic) programme. Teachers are employed locally and it is popular with bi-culture (Arabic/Western) families. 

Nadeen School

(Postal address)
PO Box 26367
Kingdom of Bahrain

(Street address)
Road 3748
Area 337
Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: +973 1772 8886
Fax: +973 1772 8886

National Curriculum of England supplemented by activities and learning from Australian and New Zealand schemes; co-ed day school; ages 2-11.

Nadeen School has a reputation as a caring and nurturing school and its younger year groups are particularly popular. Established in 1978, its premises are a collection of refurbished villas in central Adliya. There are adequate play areas for all years and the school uses the facilities at the adjacent British Club for its sports activities. Uniform is required. 

Riffa Views International School

(Postal address)
PO Box 3050
Kingdom of Bahrain

(Street address)
Building 407
Road 4303
Block Al Mazrowiah 943
Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: +973 1656 5000
Fax: +973 1791 0392
Email: [email protected]

American curriculum college preparatory school; day school; co-ed until middle school.

Currently (2011) offers pre-kindergarten to Grade 8 with new grades being added each year. Opened in 2008, RVIS is a non-profit school housed in impressive, purpose-built premises in the Riffa Views Signatory Estate (a large golfing and housing development in the centre of Bahrain). The school has a large local contingent. It is also popular with expats wanting their children to follow the US curriculum. Uniform is required. 

St Christopher’s School Infant and Junior School 

(Postal address)
PO Box 32052
Isa Town
Kingdom of Bahrain

(Street address)
Gate 790
Road 1322
Mugabah 513
Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: +973 1759 8600
Fax: +973 1759 8604
Email: [email protected]

National Curriculum of England; co-ed day school; ages 3-11.

Founded in 1961, St Chris is a non-profit making British-style school. The junior and infant campus in Saar was purpose-built in 2006 and is bright, airy and well-equipped with spacious outdoor play areas. The teachers are predominantly British. The school is very popular with expats and has a good reputation and consequently there are often waiting lists for entry. Uniform is required.

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