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Best schools in Beijing China

A snapshot: schools in Beijing considered (but not necessarily chosen) by English-speaking expats.

Schools with a full GSGI review are noted with  next to their names. 

 (pending) means that the school is on our list to review.

By full GSGI review, we mean school write-ups that are completely selected, researched, visited and written by our own editors. Our final reviews take the good with the bad, warts and all, but we look for a preponderance of good before we drill down for in-depth details and descend on the school for an exhaustive visit. We are aware of the other schools on this page and we continually add or remove schools, as deemed appropriate.

International schools

Dulwich College Beijing  (pending)

Adapted National Curriculum for England/ IGCSE/ IB Diploma; ages 2-18; co-ed; day; independent; private non-profit; 1,550 students

Opened in 2005 and closely tied to its London parent. On two campuses in Shunyi and Chaoyang, the former all-through and the latter for nursery and kindergarten. The Legend Garden campus lives up to its name with games on grass and, even, Beijing’s only cricket pitch. Regularly one of the top international schools on Beijing lists and recently an award winner for Creativity in Learning.

Harrow International School Beijing  (pending)

National Curriculum for England/ I/GCSE/ A Level; ages 2-18; co-ed; day; independent; private non-profit; 1,200 students

Founded in 2005, one of three international Harrow schools. Now with a new city campus for pre-nursery to reception and a main campus in Chaoyang. Offering an all-through English education to students from over 25 nationalities. All students are enrolled in houses along the lines of Harrow School, London and a large number of graduates head off to university either in the UK or USA.

International School of Beijing (ISB)  (pending)

Adapted curriculum/ American High School Diploma/ AP/ IB Diploma; ages 3-18; co-ed; day; independent; private non-profit; 1,750 students

Established by five English speaking embassies, nearly forty years ago. Accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Regularly tipped up as one of the best international schools in Beijing. Since 2002, located on a huge campus in Shunyi, opened in 2013 and completed with shiny new sports domes.

Western Academy of Beijing (WAB)  (pending)

PYP/ MYP/ IB Diploma; ages 3-18; co-ed; day; independent; private non-profit; 1,400 students

An IB World School, on a stunning campus with a state of the art air filtration system, a major plus in Beijing. Described as ‘remarkable’ by accreditor, the Council of International Schools (CIS). Newly opened Swiss section offering a German-language programme based on the Swiss curriculum.

Yew Chung International School of Beijing  (pending)

Adapted curriculum/ IGCSE/ IB Diploma; ages 6 months-18; co-ed; day; independent; private non-profit; 750 students

Opened over 20 years ago in the Chiaoyang District of Beijing. One of the network of schools owned by the Yew Chung foundation (also in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Silicon Valley, California). Council of International Schools (CIS) accredited and an International Baccalaureate World School offering a bilingual education from the cradle to graduation.

These schools have been brought to our attention but until we have reports from parents, we are unable to consider reviewing them.

Beanstalk International Bilingual School (BIBS)

PYP/ MYP/ IB Diploma; ages 3-18; co-ed; day; independent; privately owned; 800 students

As the name implies, a bilingual (Chinese/English) school for mainly (around 70 per cent) Chinese families, although there are also students from approximately 35 other nationalities. Opened in 1998 and accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Beijing Aidi School

Chinese curriculum/ Australian curriculum/ IGCSE/ A Level/ American High School Diploma/ AP; ages 3-18; co-ed; day; independent; private non-profit; 3,000 students

A bilingual (English/Chinese) school, offering international students a range of curricula options, including Chinese, English, Australian and American, culminating in the choice of either English A Levels or an American High School Diploma and Advanced Placement courses.

Beijing City International School

PYP/ MYP/ IB Diploma; ages 2-18; co-ed; day; independent; privately owned; 1,170 students

Founded in 2005, with a majority of Chinese students, although many hold American passports. Dually accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Beijing Huijia Private School

PYP/ MYP/ IB Diploma; ages 5-18; co-ed; day; independent; privately owned; 2,200 students   

A bilingual (Chinese/English) school, opened in 1993 that has accepted non-Mainland Chinese since 2010. The students are mainly Chinese, although there are also Australian and American cohorts. The group also runs 42 kindergartens looking after 6,000 children and a vocational college which caters for 5,000 students. Large numbers of mainly Chinese move on to university in the USA.

Beijing World Youth Academy

International Primary Curriculum/ MYP/ IGCSE/ IB Diploma; ages 5-19; co-ed; day; independent; private non-profit; 1,100 students

Founded in 2001 and licensed to accept non-Mainland Chinese students with around 20 other nationalities enrolled, although Chinese students are by far the largest cohort. Now based on four purpose-built new campuses in Chaoyang, complete with air purifiers.Teaching is in English and they offer an EAL programme. A member of ACAMIS (Association of Chinese and Mongolian International Schools).

British School of Beijing Sanlitun (BSB)

National Curriculum for England; ages 1-11; co-ed; day; independent; privately owned; 700 students

Brand new addition to the Nord Anglia stable in shiny new buildings in downtown Beijing and sister school to the long-established British School, also now owned by Nord Anglia. All classes taught in English but Mandarin available as a language, as well as a strong music and performing arts section in collaboration with Juilliard, New York.

British School of Beijing Shunyi (BSB)

National Curriculum for England/ German curriculum/ IGCSE/ IB Diploma; ages 1-18; day; independent; privately owned; 1,500 students

In the popular expat suburb of Shunyi, 30 kms from frenzied downtown Beijing. Now owned by Nord Anglia and providing classes taught in English, German and Korean. Teaching STEAM programmes in collaboration with Juilliard, New York and MIT and offering the Duke of Edinburgh International Award.

Canadian International School of Beijing (CISB)

Canadian/ Montessori/ PYP/ MYP/ IB Diploma/ New Brunswick Diploma; ages 1-18; co-ed; day; independent; state; 1,200 students

Opened in 2005 and teaching a combination of the New Brunswick curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Programme with Montessori elements incorporated in the lower school. Around 40 per cent of the students are either Canadian or American. They offer the alternative of the New Brunswick or the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Etonkids International Beijing

Montessori/ Chinese curriculum; ages 1-6; co-ed; day; independent; privately owned; 180 students per campus

A leading group of Chinese kindergartens, established in Beijing in 2006. They run total English immersion schools for Chinese children but also bilingual kindergartens which cater for a mix of expat and Chinese families.

International French School Beijing

French curriculum/ Brevet/ French Bac; ages 2-18; co-ed; day; independent; state; 950 students

Formerly called the Lycée Francais de Pékin, which was opened in 1965 as an AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad), school. Offering a full French education with the DNB (Diplome National du Brevet) at sixteen and the French Baccalaureate. Now on a genuinely spectacular new campus, costing 24 million euros.

For more information on the schools above, please go to  each school’s individual entry on The Good Schools Guide International search.



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