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This list gives you a snapshot overview of schools in Shanghai that are considered (though not necessarily chosen) by English-speaking expats. 

Out of all schools expats might consider, only schools selected for a full GSGI write-up have our banner  by their listing. 

By "full GSGI write-up", we mean school reviews that are completely selected, researched, visited and written by our own editors.

If we haven't reviewed a school, it may just mean we don't yet have enough reliable or positive parent reports required for a full GSGI write-up.

This list does let you know, however, that we are aware of the school.    

British International School Shanghai (BISS)

Pudong Campus:

600 Cambridge New Forest Town
2729 Hunan Road
Shanghai 201315

Tel: + 86 21 5812 7455 

Puxi Campuses:

111 Jinguang Lu
Huacao Town
Minhang District
Shanghai 201107

Tel: +86 21 5226 3211

Nanxiang Campus

151 Boaxiang Lu
Jiading District
Shanghai 201802

Tel: +86 21 5912 5755

Owned by Nord Anglia Education plc, BISS offers the British National Curriculum with an international dimension. Admission is non-selective (no English requirement) and with three campuses and expanding facilities, BISS may well be one of the few schools in Shanghai where you will not experience long waiting lists, although they have a great marketing programme (jazzy materials complete with free teddy bear) so that could change. All three campuses offer programmes for children from 18 months up to 18 years old.

The Pudong campus is in Kangqiao, close to Pudong International Airport. Students at this campus work towards IGCSEs at 16 and the IB Diploma for entry to Higher Education at 18. There are two campuses in Puxi, BISS Puxi and the Nanxiang campus, which opened in September 2007. BISS Puxi is near the Forest Manor Residential Park, and the Nanxiang campus is near to Hongqiao Airport. Both campuses give relatively easy access to the expat residential areas of Gubei and Hongqiao in the south-west of the city. At both campuses, students take IGCSEs at 16 and the two year IB Diploma course (16-18). 

Concordia International School Shanghai (CISS)

999 Mingyue Road
Shanghai 201206

Tel: +86 21 5899 0380

US based curriculum (WASC accreditation) with international perspective; AP for grades 11/12; co-ed day school; 1100 students; ages 4 – 18.  

An efficiently run and well-established school with a solid sense of community, clear ideals and high academic standards.  26 nationalities (although no ESL support) are represented at the school with American passport holders in a clear majority. Admission is selective and there is no meaningful support for students with special needs, from very gifted students to those with even a very mild learning disability such as dyslexia. Average to bright students do well at Concordia, others would do better to look elsewhere. AP exam results are well above national averages, and SAT I and II scores are almost off the richter scale.

Teachers are universally agreed to be friendly and approachable, but have a sometimes criticized amount of discretion regarding how a subject is taught. Buildings are light and modern, classrooms are roomy and there are several rooftop playgrounds to compensate for less impressive outside spaces. Whilst strong Christian values pervade, the school happily accommodates students of all backgrounds and faiths. This popular school is just around the corner from Dulwich College in Jinqiao.

Dulwich College Shanghai 

266 LanAn Road
Shanghai 201206

Tel: +86 21 5899 9910

National Curriculum of England, IGCSEs, IB Diploma; co-ed day school; approximately 1400 students, ages 3 - 18. 

Another popular choice – academically sound with a diverse and highly motivated student and parent body. Solid IGCSE and IB results exceed national averages, and on the whole most parents are very happy indeed with the curriculum and the commitment of the teachers. Student/teacher communication is deemed excellent; “positive respect” is strongly promoted. Over 40 nationalities; US passport holders are the largest single group – many of these are American born Chinese. Ethnically about 30-40% of students are Asian. Entrance is selective after reception. Limited special needs support but does offer ESL support.

With several outdoor play areas and masses of space for the little ones (toddler to year 2) to explore and charge around, the delightful kindergarten section (DUCKS) is in a separate building a two-minute walk from the main building. Waiting lists are long for DUCKS, less so for Junior and Senior years. In spite of associations with the rather posh Dulwich College London, the college has an informal atmosphere and its own character which parents describe as  “warm, nurturing …. like part of a big family”.  Located in the expat suburb of Jinqiao in Pudong. 

Shanghai American School (SAS)

Pudong Campus:

Shanghai Links Executive Community
1600 Sanjiagang Lu
Shanghai 201201

Tel: +86 21 6221 1445

Puxi Campus:

258 Jin Feng Lu
Zhudi Town
Minhang District
Shanghai 201107

Tel: +86 21 6221 1445

American curriculum (WASC accreditation); IB Diploma and/or Advanced Placement courses at grades 11/12; co-ed day school; 2600+ students across two campuses; ages 4 - 18.

An outstanding school – modern and forward-thinking. Most would agree that SAS Pudong(within a residential compound north of Pudong International Airport overlooking the coast) and SAS Puxi (west of Hongqiao Airport)are definitely top of the pile of international schools following an American curriculum in Shanghai and even within Asia. Academics are strong, with even the weakest SAT scores and AP results significantly exceeding national averages. Graduating students head off to a spectacular range of universities and colleges. Feedback to parents is constant and students falling under the high level expected by the school are picked up early and given strong support.

ICT in the school is absolutely first-rate; a huge amount of money is invested in technology and the teachers are said to be “fabulous, miles ahead of the game”. The combined library is the largest English language library in China and very little has been spared to make sure students have access to top-notch equipment throughout the school. Although there are over 40 nationalities at the school (with US passport holders in the majority) culturally, Asian students dominate, especially at the Puxi campus. Many parents do not buy the “one school, two campuses” philosophy heavily promoted by the school but agree the grounds, buildings, sporting and theatre/drama facilities at both campuses are impressive.

Shanghai Community International Schools

Pudong Campus:

800 Xiuyan Road
Shanghai 201315

Tel: +86 21 5812 9888 

Puxi Campus:

1161 Hongqiao Road
Shanghai 200051

Tel: +86 21 6261 4338

SCIS offers a US based education with an international flavour from pre-school to Grade 12 at two campuses. The Pudong campus is within the Emerald Housing Development and close to BISS in Kangqiao, which is towards Pudong International Airport. The Puxi campus is in Hongqiao in the south-west of the city.  The school currently offers high school students Advanced Placement courses as well as the IB Diploma.

Shanghai Livingston American School (LAS)

580 Ganxi Road
Changning District
Shanghai 200336

Tel: +86 21 6238 3511

LAS, an independent operation established in 2003, is located near to Hongqiao Airport in the south-west of the city. With only 250 students from Nursery to Grade 12, the school is small by Shanghai standards. The curriculum and method of instruction are modelled on the Californian school system and admission is selective. Plans to expand mean that in the next five years LAS will have three campuses in Shanghai. 

Shanghai Rego International School

189 Dongzha Road
Minhang District
Shanghai 201100

Tel +86 21 5488 3431

A fairly new player on the scene, Shanghai Rego opened in 2003 for students ages 3-18. A mainly UK-trained teaching staff offers the National Curriculum of England leading to the IGCSEs at 16 and the IB Diploma programme (authorised since 2009). The admissions policy places emphasis on competency in written and spoken English. The school is in the south-west of Shanghai in Puxi, about 15-20 minutes from Hongqiao and Gubei.

Shanghai United International School (SUIS)

999 Hongquan Road

Tel: +86 21 3431 0090

Founded by one of the largest private education organizations in China, SUIS offers the IB curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 5 at the Hongquan campus (Grades 6- 9 are at new Gubei campus). The emphasis is on a learning environment where East meets West, with plenty of exposure to Chinese culture. At primary level, 50% of teachers are Western and 50% are Chinese. At secondary level, all teachers are English speaking. The school is in the south-west of the city.

Western International School of Shanghai (WISS)

555 Lian Min Road
Xujin Town
Qing Pu
Shanghai 201702

Tel: +86 21 6979 6388

WISS opened its doors in September 2006, and is in the west of the city near Hongqiao Airport. The school offers the IB Programme at all levels starting from Nursery to Grade 8, although with expansion underway it will soon be able to accommodate students up to Grade 13 (18 years old). English is the primary language of instruction but with a two-way immersion approach (one English native speaker and one Chinese speaker in each class), there is significant exposure to Chinese language and culture. Admission is selective.

Yew Chung Shanghai International School (YCIS)

Pudong Campuses:

Regency Park
1817 Huamu Road
Shanghai 201204

Tel: +86 21 5033 1900

Seasons Villas
1983 Huamu Road
Shanghai 201024

Tel: +86 21 6856 7202

1433 Dongxui Road
Shanghai 200127

Tel: +86 21 5045 6475

Puxi Campuses:

15 Shuicheng Road
Shanghai 200336

Tel: +86 21 6242 3243

18 West Rong Hua Xi Road
Shanghai 201103

Tel: +86 21 6219 5910

Yew Chung is a good option for parents keen on bilingual education. Each class has an English and a Chinese teacher, who work together to make sure students get equal exposure to both languages. The British National Curriculum is used as the basis for programmes but adapted to reflect the location of the school and the school’s educational philosophy. There are three campuses in Pudong. Kindergarten students are based within the Seasons Villas compound. Year 1 to Year 4 students are at the Regency Park campus, a 5 minute walk from Seasons, and Year 5 to Year 9 students attend the newly opened Century Park campus on Dongxui Road, which is a short drive from the other two Pudong campuses. There are two campuses in Puxi, both in the south-west of the city.

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