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Best schools in Berlin

A snapshot: schools in Berlin considered (but not necessarily chosen) by English-speaking expats.

Schools with a full GSGI review are noted with  next to their names. 

 (pending) means that the school is on our list to review.

By full GSGI review, we mean school write-ups that are completely selected, researched, visited and written by our own editors. Our final reviews take the good with the bad, warts and all, but we look for a preponderance of good before we drill down for in-depth details and descend on the school for an exhaustive visit. We are aware of the other schools on this page and we continually add or remove schools, as deemed appropriate.

International schools

Berlin Brandenberg International School  

PYP/ Reggio Emilia/ MYP/ IB Diploma / IB Careers / American High School Diploma; ages 3-19; co-ed; day and boarding (years 9-12); independent; private non-profit; 725 students

In Kleinmachnow, a popular expat area on the southern side of the city between Berlin and Potsdam, on an enormous rural campus. The all-through IB curriculum including the career related programme (BBIS was the first school to be authorised to teach all four) is taught in English and there is a huge range of extra-curricular activities from Belly Dancing to Chinese Calligraphy. 65 truly global boarders.

Click here to read our full review of the Berlin Brandenburg International School.

The Berlin British School

PYP/ adapted curriculum/ IGCSE/ IB Diploma; ages 2-18; co-ed; day; independent; private non-profit; 480 students

Established in 1994 by local British businessmen on the site of the former British Military School, in Charlottenburg, a residential area popular with anglophiles. A greater international mix than at most Berlin schools but not selective at year 7 entry, only asking that students have sufficient English to access the curriculum. Accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and an Accredited Member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS).

Click here to read our full review of The Berlin British School.

Berlin International School

Berlin Rahmenlehrplan (MSA)/ PYP/ IGCSE/ IB Diploma; ages 6-18; co-ed; day; independent; private non-profit; 820 students

Students from more than 60 countries study on a campus in Dahlem, in south-western Berlin. Re-accredited by the Council of International Schools in 2018, BIS charges lower fees than at comparable international schools, as it has a partial government subsidy. Run by the private Kant foundation with a strong reputation for running academic local schools. The International Baccalaureate Diploma average in the latest published results was the highest in the school’s history.

Click here for our full review of Berlin International School

These schools have been brought to our attention, but until we have more reports from parents, we are unable to consider reviewing them.

Berlin Bilingual School

Berlin State curriculum/ International Primary Curriculum/ I/GCSE/ Bilingual Abitur; ages 5-18; co-ed; day; independent; private non-profit; 420 students

Bilingual English/German school opened in 2007. The largest nationality in the school is German (around 30 per cent) but there are also students from 70 other nationalities. Qualifications are the Mittlerer Schulabschuss at sixteen and the option of graduating with a Bilingual Abitur.

Berlin Cosmopolitan School

PYP/ German curriculum/ IB Diploma/ Bilingual Abitur; ages 3-18; co-ed; day; independent; private non-profit; 770 students

Founded as an international pre-school in 2004. Now an all-through school. In a listed brick building with modern additions, located in central Berlin, that was bought by a business sponsor. Classes are mainly taught in English but some in German. Almost all graduates going on to university head for leading universities in the UK (including Cambridge, Durham and UCL) or occasionally to American or German alternatives.

Berlin Metropolitan School

Adapted German curriculum/ IGCSE/ IB Diploma; ages 4-18 ; co-ed; day; independent; private non-profit; 1,000 students

Four classes in each year group at primary following a curriculum (taught in English) based on the International Baccalaureate Organisation and the Berlin state framework. Secondary school works towards IGCSEs, the Mittlerer Schulabschuss and the IB Diploma. A strong vertical house system (houses named after the planets), run by a head of house and house tutors, with plenty of opportunities for students to be involved.

Charles Dickens Primary School

Adapted National Curriculum for England; ages 5-11; co-ed; day; state; 290 students

One of the English-German Europe schools (NOT to be mistaken for a European School), located in Charlottenburg. English and German speaking pupils are taught reading and writing in their mother tongue separately, see the GSGI article Berlin: education and international schools.

John F Kennedy School Berlin

American/ American High School Diploma/ German curriculum/ German International Abitur; ages 5-18; co-ed; day; state; 1,700 students

Founded in 1960 and,optimistically, re-named in 1963 after the assassinated president, who brought America and Germany closer together with his famous speech ‘ich bin ein Berliner’. A selective bilingual, bi-cultural school leading to either a German Abitur or the American High School Diploma. Academic and competitive; all admissions are probationary for one semester.

Nelson Mandela School

Adapted/ IB Diploma; ages 5-18; co-ed; day; state

Formerly called the State International School, founded in 2000 and  renamed in honour of the South African statesman. A non-selective school which, whilst offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma, provides a more European feel than some other schools in Berlin. It also offers the BBR, a vocational qualification.

Quentin Blake Primary School

Adapted National Curriculum for England; ages 5-11; co-ed; day; state; 290 students

One of the English-German Europe schools (NOT to be mistaken for a European School) but we’re not quite sure of the logic of Quentin Blake Primary following on from Charles Dickens Primary as names for Europe schools. English and German speaking pupils are taught reading and writing in their mother tongue separately, see the GSGI article Berlin: education and international schools.

Schiller Gymnasium (SESB)

Adapted; ages 13-18; co-ed; day; state

A senior school that is part of the State European School project in Berlin (SESB). Half the students and teachers have English as their mother tongue and classes are taught half in English and half in German. The students are in the top 25 per cent ability range and often come on from the SESB primaries. For more information, see the GSGI article Berlin: Global education guide.

SIS Swiss International School Berlin

Adapted curriculum/ Bilingual Abitur/ IB Diploma; ages 3-18; co-ed; day; independent; privately owned; 225 students

Situated in an historic villa, with the addition of new school buildings, on a large campus, in a western suburb of Berlin. At primary level, there is total immersion in German and English, outside as well as inside the classroom. In the truly bilingual secondary school, each subject is usually taught in either German or English. A major academic challenge is available in years 11-13, as students can choose to study for the bilingual Abitur and the International Baccalaureate Diploma simultaneously.

For more information on the schools above, please go to  each school’s individual entry on The Good Schools Guide International search.



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