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As with all GSGI links, we only add the ones we like, have used, or think could be useful. These recommended links for expats in Singapore have been recommended by GSGI editors or readers. In some cases, the links take you to a website for which we provided some of the content (so naturally we think it's excellent!).

The books and films have been recommended by our readers and editors. Unless mentioned, most are available at booksellers or on line. If you have a recommendation we should add to this list, we'd love to hear it (contact us).

Useful Links and Information

AngloINFO Singapore- Really excellent resource for expats heading for --or already living in -- Singapore, with valuable no-frills listings of everything from dentists to plumbers, schools (basic info) to hair cuts, registering your car to tax problems as well as classifieds, discussions and details about what's on in your area. Useful directories, reliable information, intuitive site....goes exactly where it says it will, in exactly the country section where you'd expect to find it. 

LookSeeCity- Elegantly filmed and thoroughly researched, this smart and wide-ranging online streamed video guide lets you see and hear what life is like in Singapore from the comfort of your computer. Learn about neighbourhoods, accommodation, schools, entertainment and get the inside story from others who've already made the move. The school information was filmed on location at each school, with general educational advice given by our GSGI editor Donna Brereton. Also available for London, Geneva, Hong Kong, Zurich, Dubai and New York.

The New Mothers Support Group in Singapore  - a not-for-profit volunteer group operating in Singapore for over 20 years that supports new mums, and mums new to Singapore, of children under five years of age. Offers a range of activities from talks and socials to coffees, walks, wellness groups etc.  Current membership is around 300 mums, the majority with children aged 2 - 5 years, from various parts of the globe, although primarily the UK and Australia. Every city should have a version of this organisation, not to mention their easy, clear, content-rich website.

Singapore Expat Choice Guide A useful site if you're looking for properties and housing in Singapore.

Books About Singapore

The Battle for Singapore: The True Story of the Greatest Catastrophe of World War II, by Peter Thompson (2005)
Although strategists said it could never happen, “fortress” Singapore fell to the Japanese shortly after Pearl Harbor. Considered one of the great defeats of the war.

Foreign Bodies, by Hwee Hwee Tan (1997)
Hwee Hwee Tan’s novel looks at Mei, a Singaporean lawyer who has to defend Andy, her British English-teacher boyfriend unjustly accused of being the ringleader in an international soccer gambling operation. Lightly examines the Singaporean justice system, as well as a modern cross-cultural romance.

From Third World to First: The Singapore Story, by Lee Kuan Yew (2000)
Often referred to as the “Father of Singapore,” Lee Kuan Yew examines his three-decade struggle to transform Singapore from one of the poorest nations on earth, to one of the wealthiest.

King Rat, by James Clavell (1962)
An account of the author's brutal life as a POW in Singapore’s Changi prison during Japanese occupation of Singapore during World War II.

(Kinda Hot: The Making of Saint Jack in Singapore, by Ben Slater (2006)
In 1978, Peter Bogdanovich made a movie in Singapore about prostitutes, starring Ben Gazzara. Here is the story of how it was made, the ensuing controversy when it was released, and the eventual ban by the Singapore government.

Singapore: A Pictorial History, by Gretchen Liu (2001)
A carefully researched book of 1,200 drawings and photographs that detail Singapore’s transformation from a colonial shipping port run by the East India Company to a wealthy, independent business center.


Movies About Singapore

Saint Jack (1979)
Ben Gazzara plays an American ex-patriot and pimp for the Hong Kong mob in post-colonial Singapore. Director Peter Bogdanovich never got official government approval for the unflattering depiction of the city-state and the movie was banned from showing in Singapore.

Rogue Trader (1998)
Ewan McGregor plays the infamous Barings Bank trader Nick Leeson who, while living in Singapore in the mid ‘90s, brought down one of the oldest and most storied banks headquartered in England through a series of bad financial trades and cover ups.

I Not Stupid (2002)
Directed by Jack Neo, this satirical, locally produced film examines the Singaporean school system through the eyes of several students who have been deemed slow learners, in a system where weak performers are left behind.

That’s the Way I Like It (1998)
A Singaporean Bruce Lee fan gets dragged to a showing of Saturday Night Fever and finds his life transformed forever when he embraces disco, white leisure suits, and the cult of John Travolta.

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