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As with all GSGI links, we only add the ones we like, have used, or think could be useful. These recommended links for expats in Basel have been recommended by GSGI editors or readers. In some cases, the links take you to a website for which we provided some of the content (so naturally we think it's excellent!).

The books and films have been recommended by our readers and editors. Unless mentioned, most are available at booksellers or on line. If you have a recommendation we should add to this list, we'd love to hear it (contact us).

Useful Links and Information


AngloINFO Switzerland- Really excellent resource for expats heading for --or already living in -- Switzerland, with valuable no-frills listings of everything from dentists to plumbers, schools (basic info) to hair cuts, registering your car to tax problems as well as classifieds, discussions and details about what's on in your area. Useful directories, reliable information, intuitive site....goes exactly where it says it will, in exactly the country section where you'd expect to find it. 

Basel Children's Trust -If you have babies and/or toddlers, your first step should be to get in touch with the brilliant BCT , a long-standing volunteer-run organization whose purpose is to provide help and information for parents and parents-to-be in the Basel area (including the French villages close to the Basel Swiss border).

LookSeeCity- Elegantly filmed and thoroughly researched, this smart and wide-ranging online streamed video guide lets you see and hear what life is like in Switzerland from the comfort of your computer. Learn about neighbourhoods, accommodation, schools, entertainment and get the inside story from others who've already made the move. The school information was filmed on location at each school, with general educational advice given by our GSGI editor. Also available for London, Geneva, Hong Kong, Zurich, Dubai and New York. - Holds a database of specialist doctors in Switzerland. Click on BL or BS on the map and you can then visit the websites of local doctors and find the English-speaking ones. has helpful "maps & schools" section with house listings plus links to Ofsted reports

Good schools Guide - Obviously we would say this is the best guide to UK schools but it is! Besides independent reviews on 1200 schools for children ages 3-18 all over the UK, it has loads of articles on every imaginable education question (in print and online), it has data, maps and links to the innumerable useful sites and resources. for those who'll be working in London and considering where to live for latest inspection reports and school data has inspection reports for independent (private) schools. can be useful for parents views on schools and playgroups in your chosen area for information on the National Curriculum

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Books About Basel

Hunkeler and the Golden Hand by Hansjoerg Schneider. This is the seventh in a series of murder mysteries built around Hunkeler, the grouchy, elderly detective inspector from the Basel Criminal Investigation Department and set in the triangle of territory embracing Alsace, the Black Forest, and of course Basel itself and the cantons surrounding it. Great fun!

Lonely Planet Switzerland: Basel & Aargau by Damien Simonis. Switzerland’s northwestern cantons come as a pleasant surprise to those who take the time to visit. Experience everything from the latest in architectural creation and a buzzing art scene in good-looking, industrious Basel to Roman ruins and the canton of Aargau’s proud castles, pretty medieval villages and rolling green countryside. Basel has a slew of attractions for gallery lovers and architecture groupies. Just over the cantonal border, Aargau is dotted with one-time Habsburg possessions, including Rheinfelden (of Feldschlösschen beer fame) and the castle and village, near the Aare River, that gave the family their name.

Basel in the Age of Burckhardt: A Study in the Unseasonable Idea by Lionel Gossman. This remarkable history tells the story of the independent city-republic of Basel in the nineteenth century, and of four major thinkers who shaped its intellectual history: the historian Jacob Burckhardt, the philologist and anthropologist Johann Jacob Bachofen, the theologian Franz Overbeck, and the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

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  • Basel: early years education options for expats

    We don't necessarily visit daycare, play schools, nurseries or kindergartens and definitely don't look at them as thoroughly as the primary and secondary schools (and only publish full GSGI write-ups on them if they are part of a primary or K-12 school), but these are amongst the ones in Basel recommended or mentioned by parents. We list them here just to give you a place to start, to help you make up your own short list. 

  • Basel: international schools and education overview

    When you move to Basel with school age children, you have two available routes to go down for education: either the Swiss state school system or, if that's too daunting, you can choose one of the private schools (English-only or bi-lingual).

  • Expat overview: Basel

    Switzerland is well known to be a great place to live, but Basel may be the best and most unique place even here, with the best of three countries right at your fingertips. All is revealed by an expat expert who's ferreted out survival techniques in this most civilised of cities.

  • Working in Basel, living in Alsace

    Newcomers to Basel often don't fully appreciate is that due to its location in the north west corner of Switzerland, the local citizenry nip in and out of France and Germany on a daily basis.

  • Babies & toddlers in Basel

    Relocating to Basel with babies and/or children under five in tow? The usual stresses of looking after young children can seem much more daunting when you don't have close family and friends close by, nor the comforting presence of places, shops and playgroups you know and love.

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