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As with all GSGI links, we only add the ones we like, have used, or think could be useful. These recommended links for expats in Zurich have been recommended by GSGI editors or readers. In some cases, the links take you to a website for which we provided some of the content (so naturally we think it's excellent!).

The books and films have been recommended by our readers and editors. Unless mentioned, most are available at booksellers or on line. If you have a recommendation we should add to this list, we'd love to hear it (contact us).

Useful Links and Information

AngloINFO Switzerland- Really excellent resource for expats heading for --or already living in -- Switzerland, with valuable no-frills listings of everything from dentists to plumbers, schools (basic info) to hair cuts, registering your car to tax problems as well as classifieds, discussions and details about what's on in your area. Useful directories, reliable information, intuitive site....goes exactly where it says it will, in exactly the country section where you'd expect to find it. 

LookSeeCity- Elegantly filmed and thoroughly researched, this smart and wide-ranging online streamed video guide lets you see and hear what life is like in Switzerland from the comfort of your computer. Learn about neighbourhoods, accommodation, schools, entertainment and get the inside story from others who've already made the move. The school information was filmed on location at each school, with general educational advice given by our GSGI editor. Also available for London, Geneva, Hong Kong, Geneva, Dubai and New York.

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Books About Zurich

Living in Zurich- published by the American Women's Club . You don’t have to be American and you don’t have to be a woman to participate in their yearly Living In Zürich (LIZ) course.  The course takes place every year in autumn but their LIZ guide is on sale all year long and is a lifesaver.  It’s 400 pages of everything you need to know written by people who have already been through it.  Whether you need an English speaking dentist or want to find out why you can’t find “Sahne” (German for cream) in the supermarket, the LIZ guide has the answer. 

Living and Working in Switzerland; A Survival Handbook by David Hampshire -- great for background and humour, but read with a grain of salt....or a whole shaker full!  The author was allegedly a malcontent when he wrote it decades ago, and it perpetuates myths that no longer have much bearing on Switzerland today.  

Wallpaper City Guide: Zurich. Wallpaper* City Guides not only suggest where to stay, what to eat, and what to drink, but what those passionate about design might want to see, whether he or she has a week, just 24 hours, or a lifetime in the city. Some of the highlights include up-and-coming neighborhoods, an 'Architour' of landmark buildings, design centers, and the best shops to buy unique items.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. This is primarily the tale of a Prague physician, Tomas, who escapes with his wife Tereza to Zurich after the Russian tanks roll over their country in 1968.

Travesties by Tom Stoppard. Most of the action in Travesties lakes place in Zurich in 1917 during World War I, and focuses on three revolutionaries: the communist leader Lenin, the dadaist poet Tristan Tzara, and the modernist writer James Joyce.

Films About Zurich

Beresina oder Die letzten Tage der Schweiz (translated: Beresina, Or The Last Days Of Switzerland) (1999). Irina is a Russian call girl who arrives in Switzerland and, thanks to a lawyer friend, is set up with an influential clientele. Her customers include politicians, military top brass, businessmen and the media, and soon she finds herself embroiled in a complex world of competing interests, not all of which she can understand.

Strähl (2004). Narcotics investigator Herbert Strähl is engaging in a fierce and seemingly hopeless battle against the drug scene on Langstrasse in Zurich. Carol is a wild young drug addict. Strähl's problems really begin when he falls in love with her. In his attempt to get Carol out of her disastrous environment, he increasingly finds himself in danger of falling into a vortex of dependence and violence.

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