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What the school says...

Beech House School aims to blend the best of traditional education with the skills and resources of modern times, to ensure talents are exercised to the full. Emphasis is placed on developing a school family which values all its members, and encouraging pupils to develop confidence and to achieve academically, and in a wide range of activities. Pupils are courteous and express their pride in the school and achievements.

Pupils achievement is supported by their positive attitudes to learning, and the warm relationships they enjoy with each other and their teachers. They listen carefully in lessons, and work well individually and collaboratively. Their experiences are enriched by a good range of visits and workshops. A particular feature of the school is the way that individual and team success is celebrated at every possible opportunity so that pupils of all ages are confident and have high levels of self-esteem.

Older pupils are quick to support younger ones around the school. The house system and the many activities on offer in the school provide pupils with plenty of occasions to work together across the age range. The harmonious atmosphere of the diverse pupil body demonstrates the respect shown for those who come from different traditions and faiths.

A wide range of extracurricular activities gives pupils excellent opportunities. Many pupils enjoy significant individual and team success in a wide range of activities - 70%, represent the school. In the last academic year the school has had success at a local, regional, national and international basis in fourteen sports.

What the parents say...

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