The Good Schools Guide to tutors

Everything you need to know about choosing a tutor for your child.

How do I find a tutor for my child?

Whatever your reason for using tutoring services outside of school, you’ll want to get the best bang for your educational buck. Our quick checklist will make sure you find the most effective tutor for your needs.

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Which Tutor Agency?

We have quizzed and/or visited a number of tutor agencies about whom we have received considerable feedback and talked to their clients and their tutors.  The reviews are available online to logged in subscribers.

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Tutor agencies - section A

This section covers tutor agencies that actually know their tutors personally, ie they meet and interview them and keep in close touch. We have visited and had extensive consultation with all the agencies in Section A.

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Tutor agencies - section B

Tutor agencies in this section meticulously check references, CRB* records, etc but, partly because of the size of their lists, conduct their personal interviews only over the telephone.

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Tutor agencies - section C

The agencies in this section are those which have been recommended to us by approbatory parents, whose tutors are happy, whose credentials...

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Tutor agencies - section D

Online tutoring is very much a growth business. It's cheaper than paying someone to come to your home, and can be more convenient. Some children positively prefer to interact online

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