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We are continually expanding Uni in the USA and are already looking at the next unis we want to visit. So Sewanee is one of several in the Guide that comes under the heading of "Also worth considering...".

We don’t yet have an in–depth write–up on it, but we think it represents value for money once you pitch up on campus, and is definitely worth a look – so we’ve included a little information on it just to be sure you don't overlook it.

How many Sewanee students does it take to change a light bulb?

Sewanee: Seven--the five-person Honor Council to decide if it is against the Honor Code to change light bulbs, one to find a reference in Faulkner to light bulb changing, and one to pray for the repose of the soul of the deceased bulb

What says...

Perched resplendently atop a mountain in rural Tennessee, the University of the South (universally called "Sewanee") offers an experience quite unlike any other. With a huge campus (called “the Domain”) but a tiny student body, the college may be hard to reach (buses and trains don’t go near – you have to fly to Chattanooga, take the airport shuttle to Monteagle, and a pre-arranged taxi from there), but the rewards are spectacular.

The academics, for a start, are exquisite –with a liberal arts curriculum thorough enough to have produced more Rhodes Scholars per capita than any other university; the campus is truly sublime; and the cultural value is completely unparalleled.

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