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Thinking about university in the USA?

Uni in the USA is the most comprehensive and authoritative guide available, written especially for UK students - by UK students. Includes reviews of 70 universities that represent the breadth of choices available to you in the US. It’s also available as an online subscription which includes additional information on the US as well as other overseas universities. 

Uni in the USA walks you through the process of getting into a US university - from soup to nuts.

How to begin and the resources available -Timeline and key steps - Info on applications, exams, costs, financial aid, visas...and more

We've looked at all the data and...

Uni in the USA interprets the information for a British applicant.

  • Differences between UK and US universities
  • The varying types of US unis (and types of students who go there)
  • A flavour of what it's really like, from a British point of view
  • A guide to the terminology

Uni in the USA helps you decide.

  • How to choose amongst the 4,000+ options - which include liberal arts colleges, Ivy League elites and state schools
  • What aspects to consider (more than just academics)
  • Reviews of our pick of 70 American universities covering a range of size, location, and academic rigor - and the chances of getting in
  • Advice on the whole gamut of benefits and pitfalls

Best of all...

Uni in the USA was written – with great clarity and humor – by UK students and respected educational consultants who know the territory. Cambridge student John Wallis crisscrossed America to interview hundreds of current students.  Anthony Nemecek, previously the director of the Educational Advisory Service of the US-UK Fulbright Commission, contributed to the general advice sections of the book.


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    Anthony Nemecek Formerly Director of the Educational Advisory Service for the Fulbright Commission, Anthony co-authored and continues to update the Good Schools Guide publication Uni in the USA.  Based in Bath and now in private practice, Anthony works with individual families across the globe, schools in the UK, serves as a counsellor for US applications at the Lycee Française and Epsom College, and several schools in Russia.

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