I need help: find a university consultant

Which university?? Applications! Essays! SAT exams!! How do I manage it all?? I need professional help! Never fear. Our university consultants are standing by. more...

How can a consultant help me?

If you're already feeling out of  your depth by the complexity and pitfalls of the US uni application process, the helping hand of a professional could come as a welcome relief more..

About our university consultants?

Our consultants offer one-to-one advice on colleges and universities in the UK, United States, Europe and Asia. They help you shorten your list of choices so you find the right "fit" for you. They also help you prepare, apply and figure out how to pay for it more..

UU in the news

IT'S ALL ABOUT US! To be exact, Uni in the USA. The Sunday Times quotes Uni in the USA co-author and educational Anthony Nemecek in US Plucks Britons as Fees Bite more..

Student uni fairs. Don't miss out

TELL YOUR SCHOOL about our advisor training conference "How to Get In: Basics of Applying to University in the USA". 23 September 2016. Kensington Close Hotel, London. This intensive one day workshop will train your school career counsellor to give you the support you need (ie US-style transcripts, reference letters and school profile; choosing the best uni more..


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