Scholarships, Grants and Loans



Can I afford it?

America might proclaim itself the ‘land of the free’, but a US university education is anything but. (Skip ahead to see our list of scholarships for international students.)  more...

Grants and loans

Grants, loans, scholarships...which is which, how do you find them, who's qualified to receive them? More to the can you get one?? more..

Scholarships for international students

Here's where you click to receive our giant pdf on US university scholarships for international students, covering how to find financial aid and how to apply. To short-cut through some of the top scholarships offered by universities and organisations, read on. This listing gives you deadlines more...

Working on and off campus

Unlike the hallowed halls of Oxford and Cambridge where work of a non-academic or non-pint-lifting variety is all but outlawed, American universities positively encourage their students to work outside classes. The love affair with capitalism that has propelled America so far in the world is instilled at an early age, and many of your classmates will have been mowing lawns or working in shops more..

Athletic scholarships

Every American high school movie worth its salt is guaranteed to have at least one ‘jock’ in a starring role. These mini-gods of the athletic field are invariably blessed with the best-looking cheerleader as their girlfriend, the adulation of their peers, and perfect floppy hair more...


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