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The SAT and ACT - and tips for taking them

Everything you need to know about taking the SAT and ACT....starting with the most important tip: PLAN AHEAD! Check to see if your uni choices require it, start practicing, schedule your first seating, and then start looking at everything else those applications require. Most universities will require you to take an admission test as part of the application process, either the SAT Reasoning Test (aka more...

SAT subject tests

Subject Tests cover a wide range of subjects and are more akin to A levels – while still, amazingly, being multiple choice. Each one lasts an hour and you can take up to three different subjects at the same sitting (but not on the same day as you take the SAT Reasoning test or the ACT). Most of the better US universities will require two of these, though many students will have three, just to more..


With a very few exceptions, US universities accept both these tests and treat them the same. In their current formats, the ACT is broader than the SAT Reasoning Test, covering more ground with less depth, and will be more in tune with your own education. That said, the SAT is the more common test for international students to take (probably through the broader selection of testing centres) more...


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