Visas and immigration



The forms and the process

On the day the acceptance letter drops into your letterbox you might well be deceived into thinking that all the hard work, struggle and frustration is finally over. Think again. The toughest application deadline, the most difficult personal essay, the trickiest SAT paper pales into insignificance beside the hardest and most mind-numbingly boring part of admission to the American college experience more...

The visa interview

All applicants for a student (F-1) visa must be interviewed. Students are subject to the same law as other temporary visitors, and must convince a consular officer that they truly intend to pursue a course of study and will return to their home country when their studies are over. They must also show they can pay for their education, either from family funds, grants or other sources more..

When do I apply for a visa

Be sure to allow enough time! Start to fill out the visa application as soon as your university issues the Form I-20 - and then schedule the embassy interview. The average visa processing time following a successful interview is 5 days, but it could be longer, so don’t leave this as a last minute project more..


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