Uni in the USA... and beyond

The British guide to great universities from Harvard to Hong Kong.

We tell you how to choose, how to apply, how to pay.

Why study in the US?

Ask the US-UK Fulbright Commission who report that you're in good company: as top destination for international students worldwide, over 11,000 British students chose the States for their studies last year.

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Scholarships for International Students

Here's where you click to receive our giant pdf on US university scholarships for international students, covering how to find financial aid and how...

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Can I afford it?

America might proclaim itself the ‘land of the free’, but a US university education is anything but. (Skip ahead to see our list of scholarships...

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Watch this

"How to Build an Impressive Application: US vs UK unis". Don't miss this very funny student-made 60 second clip contrasting the two app processes.  

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How do I choose?

Selecting a university that is thousands of miles away, especially without visiting in advance, will worry even the most enthusiastic about an American education...

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How do I apply?

OK, you've made your short list. You know roughly which unis are sure things, which are fall-backs and which are a definite stretch.  Now what? Step by step...

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Uni in the USA

A must-read for anyone thinking about studying in the United States. Written by funny, sharp-eyed British students who have been through the US system, this book...

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