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Enjoy EducationWho are they?

Enjoy Education
1 Relton Mews

Tel: +44 (0)207 352 8800

Email: [email protected] 

We have visited and had extensive consultation with Enjoy Education. For an explanation of the different tutor sections see which tutor agency?

Enjoy Education staff

Founded in 2006 by Kate Shand who is committed, passionate, energetic and hugely likeable. Clearly on a mission to deliver a top quality service to her clients – and her tutors –  and with several awards to prove it, Kate is eloquent on the personal nature of the tutor-client-agency relationship and has a positively moral take on what she sees as her job. ‘Our name, Enjoy Education, encapsulates what we’re trying to do,’ she says, fizzing with zeal and zest. We lost count of the number of ‘exciting's that sparkled through her super-fast exposition. Kate and her team strive to assess all new pupils under 13 so they can match the best tutor for each child.  Success has meant expanding and the company is run from their office in chic Knightsbridge. The team clearly shares Kate’s genuine passion for education and there is an infectious dedication and loyalty in the office.

What do Enjoy Education offer?

Carefully tailored, micro-managed individual tuition, also schools advice, with scrupulous monitoring, feedback and attention to detail. The tutors get as careful handling as the clients with a rigorous five-step interview and regular training seminars. ‘We invest a lot of time in making sure tutors are fully aware of the targets are for each pupil and always encourage feedback from parents.’ Tutees range from 4+ to degree level though the concentration, here, as elsewhere, is on school entrance and the public exams. EE also offer popular exam revision courses and interview workshops, as well as one-to-one sessions in these areas and pretty much any subject if required.

There’s little they won’t help with – organisational skills, revision practice and programming, exam techniques etc., as well as general educational and schools’ advice. They will find a resident tutor to travel with your family if needed and arrange meticulously-planned home schooling programmes. A kind of one-stop-shop to get you through the whole business, which even includes tutoring via Skype or online. Core area is central London, and most tutees live within a couple of miles of EE’s office, but they cover the whole London area and will send their residential tutors all round the UK and abroad. 'We've now worked with families in 35 countries,' they say.  

Enjoy Education - background and basics

Currently over 600 tutors on the books, but they like to keep interviewing tutors, to make sure they can ‘match the ideal tutor to each of our pupils’. Average age around 27 – mostly young, bright and keen graduates. Kate is adamant about the ethos she wants all her tutors to buy into: ‘We really care about the tutoring we provide. Children need to find every session productive and fun.’

Some 15 per cent of tutees are state school pupils, the rest go to posh schools, mostly in London.

So – you call or email EE. If your child is pre-CE, you get offered a chat on the phone to run over your needs and exactly what is required to support him/her. Your child can also be assessed by one of EE's team of assessors who can advise first-hand what is best. For senior school children, the assessment of needs is normally done by phone. Interesting and laudable venture is EE’s pro bono work. Over 50 tutors volunteer annually at Teach First's Oxbridge interview practice workshops for applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds, while others offer one-to-one sessions to promising tutees who cannot afford to pay for a tutor. The fact that they do it suggests that Kate’s missionary approach is shared by her tutors – a touching rarity in central London, in tough times, for those with careers to forge.

Enjoy Education - money and small print

An average tutorial costs from £69 to £96 - the price varies according to level. Consultancy fees by discussion. 

What Enjoy Education say

'We believe in the power of education to transform lives and provide support at every step of a child's educational journey. We help children improve their results and build confidence and focus on the quality of our tuition – so feedback, tutor quality and interviews must be very well-managed.'


‘Kate assessed all three children. All their tutors have been very, very good – we never had a problem. EE will find someone to help with whatever,’ was a typical comment. Tutors concur: ‘They are very professional,’ opined one we located. ‘Genuinely absolutely sweet,’ said another, with affection. In the several years we’ve been watching the firm, we heard mostly roars – very classy ones – of approval from clients and tutors alike.

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