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John Wallis was just finishing his final weeks as a student at Trinity College, Cambridge when he wrote this blog for The Times Schoolgate, May 30 2012. But John wasn't writing about the Oxbridge dream. Instead, he wrote of his recent experiences stateside, after crisscrossing the lower 48 to review unis for Uni in the USA. John says he'd love to have studied in the US more..

How do I choose?

Selecting a university that is thousands of miles away, perhaps without the opportunity to visit beforehand, will worry even those most enthusiastic about their American education. Fortunately, thanks to the Internet and its assiduous use by US universities and students, you can get a good feel for an institution without adding to Branson’s millions. Many universities provide virtual tours more..

Our guide to selected universities

In the USA Unis section, we examine in detail some of the many excellent colleges America has to offer. In choosing which schools to write about, we have considered a wide range of criteria more...

Map of US universities

Click on the map to locate the universities in the USA that we review. Each review  is candidly written for students by students - with a distinctly British point of view. Except where stated, the universities have all been visited and researched by Uni in the USA British student editors.  We aim to give unique insights into: The background and atmosphere of the uni Prestige more..


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