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Age UK Stage UK Testing  UK School Year  
  US Exams (different states may have additional exams at certain ages)
US Grade
3-4 nursery       pre-school
4 foundation        
5 reception       pre-K
5-6     year 1   kindegarten
6-7 key stage 1 SATS - Reading Writing/Maths/English year 2   1st grade
7-8     year 3   2nd grade
8-9     year 4   3rd grade
9-10 key stage 2   year 5   4th grade
10-11   SATS - English Maths/Science year 6   5th grade
11-12     year 7   6th grade
12-13 key stage 3   year 8   7th grade
13-14   SATS - English Maths/Science year 9   8th grade
14-15 key stage 4   year 10   9th grade
15-16   GCSEs year 11 AP courses may be offered, with commensurate exams; SATII subject tests optional 10th grade
16-17   AS year 12 PSAT; AP courses/exams;SATII subject tests; SAT; ACT; IB Diploma (first year) 11th grade
17-18   A2 A levels or IB year 13 SAT; ACT; AP courses/exams; SATII subject tests; high school Diploma or IB Diploma completed 12th grade

AP (US)- Advanced Placement

SAT (US) = College Entrance Exams (can be taken several times)

ACT (US) = College Entrance Exams (universities may prefer SAT to ACT or vice versa, or may willingly accept either)

PSAT (US) = preliminary (practice for SAT; qualifying exam for National  Merit Scholarships)

SATS (UK) = Standard Assessment Tests

GCSEs = General Certificate of Secondary Education

AS Levels = Advanced Subsidiary Level

A Levels = Advanced Levels

IB = International Baccalaureate

SATS (UK) = Standard Assessment Tests    

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