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Good Schools Guide online subscription - 1 month £15

30,000 Independent, state and special UK schools in our parent-friendly interactive directory.
 Honest, opinionated and fearless independent reviews of over 1,000 schools.
Independent tutor company reviews.

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Good Schools Guide International online subscription - 1 year for £39

To find out what's really inside the schools and how to choose the best one for your child!  

Only a subscription gives you access to

☑ 55 cities
☑ 734 schools listed - the good, the bad, the ghastly
☑ 213 schools reviewed - only the good
☑ Local knowledge of schools at your fingertips

The Good Schools Guide International - worth moving home for.

The Good Schools Guide 21st Edition - £39.95+p&p

Over 1,000 detailed and unbiased reviews of the UK's best independent and state schools.

The Good Schools Guide’s unrivalled reputation for fearless objectivity is more valuable than ever as school websites and prospectuses becomes slicker and glossier. Every year our experienced writers must dig deeper to make a realistic assessment of the school beneath the spin. Our famously forthright and witty reviews give parents all the background information they need and are also a great read.

This year's edition contains 1100 reviews of independent and state schools - from small country preps to inner city primaries; from top state grammars to world famous boarding schools.

"the guide regarded as the bible for middle-class school choice" The Guardian

Good Schools Guide 21st EditionClick to see a preview of The Good Schools Guide 21st Edition

The Good Schools Guide to North London - £20.00+p&p

Packed with local North London knowledge, candid reviews and parent comments, not to mention a full run-down of how the English education system works.

"The volume of good independent and state schools in London makes it particularly hard for parents to find the school that perfectly meets their needs. In response to increasing demand from local and international parents, The Good Schools Guide is launching two new guides, which will provide honest, straight-talking and un-biased reviews.” Evening standard

An invaluable guide for any family considering education in the capital.

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The Good Schools Guide to South London - £20.00+p&p

This guide is invaluable to parents navigating the fiercely competitive and stretched South London education system. Compact enough to read in bed or tuck into a large pocket, yet still packed with maps, reviews and articles.

We have plundered the knowledge and experience of our South London based writers and advisers to provide not just the opinionated and unbiased school reviews for which The Good Schools Guide is renowned, but also fascinating pen portraits of the capital’s diverse areas.

An invaluable guide for any family considering education in the capital.

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For a limited time get a free one month subscription with any purchase of the The Good Schools Guide London South

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The Good Schools Guide Boarding Schools - £25.00+p&p

Now in its 33rd Year, The Good Schools Guide is on a mission to produce the ultimate guide to Britain’s best boarding schools for parents at home and abroad.

The 2018 edition of The Good Schools Guide Boarding Book is written by trusted experts, with over 350 schools reviewed and nearly 2,000 parents interviewed. Uniquely, each school is selected on merit alone, no one can buy their way into The Good Schools Guide’s good books.

From famous names to local treasures, their writers visit every single school, interview the head, speak to pupils and parents, analyse academic performance and challenge the marketing hype. Result? The fearsomely frank and funny reviews for which they are famous.

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Uni in the USA online subscription - 1 year for £20

Uni in the USA subscription

In-depth info about university in America and how to apply.
Candid, often hilarious reviews of 70 US unis.
Plus reviews of 35 world-ranked unis in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Canada.
Insider info on getting in, money matters, fellow students, and life on (and off) campus.
Written by funny, sharp-eyed editors and British students.

In short, what it's really like to be there. 

Try before you buy - University of Chicago

Uni in the USA - £20.00+p&p

A must-read for anyone thinking about studying in the United States. Written by funny, sharp-eyed British students who have been through the US system, this book contains detailed reviews and information on 68 universities in the United States with the inside track on what life on and off campus is really like.

This book also features guidance on selecting the right uni, the application process, and life in America, so students are fully prepared for life across the pond. Uni in the USA is the essential resource for students who are considering studying in the US - and for their parents.

"An excellent book for someone who wishes to know the ins and outs of a diverse selection of US unis whilst having a giggle!"

Uni in the USA bookClick to see a preview of Uni in the USA

Apprenticeships Anthology Reflections on the Apprenticeship Levy one year on 2018 - £10+p&p

One year on and it's clear the apprenticeship levy is turning out to be one of the most reformatory education and skills policies in the history of efforts to tackle the UK's persistent productivity problem. 

This anthology celebrates apprenticeships from all angles. In the anthology, we hear directly from government, civil servants, employers, providers, educators, parents and most importantly apprentices themselves about how the levy has affected them along with their hopes and dreams for the future of the scheme.

Editors Jamie Hilder and Sally Everist

Published by Queen Mary University London and The Good Schools Guide

Parent Brief: University Entrance a parent’s guide to UCAS and more - £19.99+p&p

Everything you need to know to help your nearly-grown-up child make a smooth transition from school to university. Not just a how to on personal statements and application forms (although we cover that too), this book guides you through the process and gives you a clear understanding of the steps involved, the selection criteria and how to decide what s really important to your child. The indispensable UCAS application guide to finding the right university and getting in. From choosing a degree to applying for financial aid, writing a killer personal statement, surviving clearing and taking a gap year. Inside information from some of the UK s leading universities. Packed with practical checklists and real-life tips from parents who have already gone through the process themselves.

Parent Brief: Independent School Entrance - £19.99+p&p

A great guide to getting into an independent school from people who really know their way around the system. Gives a clear and robust view of the dos and don'ts, tending at times to a brutal honesty which is going to give some of the schools that read it severe attacks of the hiccoughs. No harm in that, of course - much better that parents should know where they really stand. Independent schools are genuinely open - and welcoming - to all, but the hoops that pupils (and parents) have to leap through to get in are completely different to state schools. With this book, you will be well prepared.

By: Victoria Barker, Edited: Emma Bartley
Introduction by Clarissa Farr, High Mistress of St Paul’s Girls’ School.


The Good Schools Guide has teamed up with the online and learning development platform Aptimore to help get young people get ready for interviews, starting work and succeeding in work.

Aptimore – what is it?

Incorporating a combination of psychometrics, personalised feedback, case studies and exercises, Aptimore is a self-directed online learning programme that uses interactive technology to teach you all about the world of work – both in terms of getting ready for it and thriving once you are there.

The Good Schools Guide Careers is offering one year’s subscription to Aptimore for just £250 subject to our Terms and Conditions.

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