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Orders delivered within the European Union may experience delays. As of 1st January 2021, these orders may attract import duty and local sales taxes, as your order is dispatched from the UK. You may be responsible for paying these charges once your order has been shipped and if they are applicable. Rules vary by country and your local government determines the duty and customs charges. Please check your local government advice on these fees and whether you are liable for them.

Book deliveries to Hong Kong are also severely delayed at the present time. If you would like to order a book to be shipped to Hong Kong, please email us to discuss the shipping options – [email protected]

It is business as usual for our education consultants so if you need any further advice relating to your child’s education please contact [email protected] or call +44 203 286 6824.

We hope your book arrives soon and that you find it a lively and informative read.

 Honest, opinionated and fearless independent reviews of over 1,000 schools.
Independent tutor company reviews.
30,000 Independent, state and special UK schools in our parent-friendly interactive directory.

Try before you buy - The Charter School Southwark

Good Schools Guide International online subscription - 1 year for £39

To find out what's really inside the schools and how to choose the best one for your child!  

Only a subscription gives you access to

☑ 55 cities
☑ 734 schools listed - the good, the bad, the ghastly
☑ 213 schools reviewed - only the good
☑ Local knowledge of schools at your fingertips

The Good Schools Guide International - worth moving home for.

This guide is invaluable to parents navigating the fiercely competitive and stretched South London education system. Compact enough to read in bed or tuck into a large pocket, yet still packed with maps, reviews and articles.

We have plundered the knowledge and experience of our South London based writers and advisers to provide not just the opinionated and unbiased school reviews for which The Good Schools Guide is renowned, but also fascinating pen portraits of the capital’s diverse areas.

An invaluable guide for any family considering education in the capital.

Plus free one month subscription to our website (usual price £15) when you purchase the book. Subscription will activate on purchase.

The Good Schools Guide to South LondonClick to see a preview of The Good Schools Guide to South London

Packed with local North London knowledge, candid reviews and parent comments, not to mention a full run-down of how the English education system works.

"The volume of good independent and state schools in London makes it particularly hard for parents to find the school that perfectly meets their needs. In response to increasing demand from local and international parents, The Good Schools Guide is launching two new guides, which will provide honest, straight-talking and un-biased reviews.” Evening standard

An invaluable guide for any family considering education in the capital.

Plus free one month subscription to our website (usual price £15) when you purchase the book. Subscription will activate on purchase.

The Good Schools Guide to North LondonClick to see a preview of The Good Schools Guide to North London

A must-read for anyone thinking about studying in the United States. Written by funny, sharp-eyed British students who have been through the US system, this guide contains detailed reviews and information on 70 selected universities.

It takes readers through the application process, step by step, with insider info on getting in, scholarships, essays, exams; but also the best dormitories and campus bars, life on campus and off – in short, what it’s really like to be there .

Then it tells you what to do – and fast - from the moment you’re accepted ‘til you arrive on campus, from visas to housing to money!

Uni in the USA with new section You're In! What to Know Before You Go. 2020 edition available NOW.

“It is highly opinionated: the only guide that offers parents a genuine flavour of what a school is like.” The Daily Telegraph

Reviews of over 1,200 of the UK’s top schools, in a hard-back collector’s edition. The Good Schools Guide’s unique take on:

☑ Head teacher profiles 
☑ Pastoral care, well-being and atmosphere
☑ Extra-curricular activities, games, the arts
☑ Entrance and exit information
☑ 2018 exam results – the penultimate year public exams were taken pre-pandemic

Price: £60.00+p&p

Includes free one month subscription to our website (usual price £15), giving access to our very latest up to date school reviews and exam results. Subscription will activate on purchase.

Please note this is the last ever ‘big book’ to be published, with reviews updated in 2019. Limited numbers available so snap up your copy now!

The Good Schools Guide, Boarding and The Good Schools Guide, London North and London South are available to buy and will continue to be published, with further regional publications soon to follow.

The Good Schools GuideClick to see a preview of The Good Schools Guide

Boarding, twenty-first century style, continues to flourish. Since the pandemic, many parents see boarding not only as a way to secure in-person learning for their children, but also as a way of maintaining extracurricular interests and social interaction.

Now in its fourth edition, Boarding Schools from The Good Schools Guide contains over 350 of The Good Schools Guide’s highly informative and famously frank reviews. Every single school has been visited by our writers; we check out everything from dorms to food and weekend activities. We also speak to parents and, most important of all, pupils.

The guide is packed with maps, reviews, articles and colour photographs. Whether parents are interested in big names, local treasures, state boarding schools or country preps, this is their unbiased guide to all that’s best in British boarding.

If you’re considering boarding for your child, our guide will help you make the right choice.

☑ In-depth and unbiased reviews of 350+ prep and senior schools from Cornwall to Scotland
☑ Includes top state and independent boarding schools Impartial and invaluable advice on all aspects of boarding education
☑ Content includes facilities, pastoral care, weekend activities
☑ What type of boarding - full, weekly or flexi?
☑ Contains information for international families

Plus free one month subscription to our website (usual price £15) when you purchase the book. Subscription will activate on purchase.

Uni in the USA online subscription - 1 year for £20

Uni in the USA subscription

In-depth info about university in America and how to apply.
Candid, often hilarious reviews of 70 US unis.
Plus reviews of 35 world-ranked unis in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Canada.
Insider info on getting in, money matters, fellow students, and life on (and off) campus.
Written by funny, sharp-eyed editors and British students.

In short, what it's really like to be there. 

Try before you buy - University of Chicago

Apprenticeships Anthology 2019 - £15+p&p

The second such to be released by Good Schools Guide: Careers and Queen Mary University of London – contains contributions from 28 different sources, from government ministers and politicians through academics, employers and trade unionists to the voices of apprentices themselves, all reflecting on their experiences which cover all aspects of apprenticeship policy and practice and giving their views on the subject in general.

It also contains a ready reckoner for careers advisors as to the 400+ approved apprenticeship standards broken down by category, and graphics detailing the progress of apprenticeship schemes across the workforce.

Currently sold out, but you can view the 2019 online version here: