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Sometimes a one-off Information Meeting with one of our specialist consultants is all that is needed.

Information Meetings allow parents to share their concerns and goals with their consultant and get the right advice to move forward. They can be particularly useful when families need additional information about the educational landscape and type of schools that are available, from country preps to urban day schools. This can be when they are moving house, relocating, or when they are seeking schools for their first child in their home patch and are finding the whole business confusing.

Once their questions have been answered, parents can then search for schools independently, or upgrade to one of our senior services if they would like further help from us. If they book the Premier School Consultancy, Global Premier School Consultancy and London services within two months, the cost of the information meeting is deducted. Please see Our Services for more detail.

Information Meetings can cover:

The cost of a one-off Information Meeting lasting up to 90 minutes is £300. The education consultant’s travel costs may also need to be added if the meeting is outside London or involves travel of more than one hour/20 miles. 

NB The education consultant will be happy to answer all general questions during a one-off Information Meeting and can discuss schools with which you are registered or have visited. We do not recommend specific schools to you at these meetings. This is because all our school recommendations are tailored to individual children following in-depth research on your child and potential schools, and would form a part of a longer schools search service.

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