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Over its 20 years spent advising families, Good Schools Guide Education Consultants have helped children with many kinds of special need from dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia to autism spectrum disorders, ADHD/ADD, Fragile X, Prader-Willi syndrome, cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, speech and language difficulties, hearing, sight and mobility impairments, chronic illness and many more.

We have assisted families whose child is experiencing mental health difficulties, has been expelled or is under threat of exclusion for their behaviour, or who is displaying difficulties with education associated with adoption. Our consultants can help you to find the schools which will welcome these children and supply the therapeutic provision they need.

We also have long and personal experience of children who are especially bright or especially talented and have a special advisor for Gifted and Talented children. We know very well that this is not always the easiest thing to handle!

We offer a bespoke service. No two consultancies are ever the same, but our consultants have yet to be stumped. Our services range from ‘phone advice on how to deal with a particular problem, to a cross-country search for the right school. We might resolve it in 30 minutes, or we might work with you for 12 months.

  • Perhaps you suspect your child has some kind of learning difficulty and want to get some educational advice from an expert.
  • Or, your child may already have a diagnosis, and you want to know, for example, which mainstream schools have the best provision for dyslexia or dyspraxia.
  • Perhaps your child has been managing in a mainstream school but, as she becomes older, it is apparent she needs something more specialist and you need advice on special schools and how to navigate the system to get her a place.
  • Or you may be in crisis with the current school – the support hasn’t been right, they are threatening exclusion – where can you move your child to?
  • Perhaps your job is moving and you need to know about special schools in the new area; or your location is flexible and you are ready to move to wherever we can find the best school.
  • You may be relocating from outside the UK or you may have no suitable schools for your child’s needs in your country and wish to investigate UK residential special schools.

How Can We Help?

Our specialist team of SEN consultants can help you with all these concerns. Headed by Bernadette John, it comprises six knowledgeable and experienced consultants, with backgrounds in SEN teaching, therapy, advocacy, and some of whom have raised children with special needs themselves. They understand the important questions you need to consider. You can read about all our consultants here: Who we are

Our SEN consultancy service can help you to find the right school for your child at any stage of education – from starting school through to the specialist colleges for 19-25 year-olds.

Call us on: 0203 286 6824 or +44 203 286 6824 from overseas or email:

You will speak to one of our admin team - Shari, Amanda or Kathryn - who will listen sympathetically and efficiently to the reason for your call, consult with the Director of the Service and the Director of SEN and ensure you are allocated the best consultant for your particular concerns.

You may have an introductory call with your advisor before committing to a full service, if you wish.

We are only too aware that educational support is never handed out on a plate – it has to be battled over, fought for and, often, wept over. We put our experience, expertise and knowledge at your disposal and will endeavour to take as much stress as possible out of the search for the right school for your child. Our team takes on each child and each family as if they were friends – and many become so.

Our SEN services

SEN Telephone Consultation

Our Telephone Consultation offers you the opportunity to discuss your child’s situation with an expert.

How long and how much?

You can book a call of 30 or 60 minutes. The fee for the 30 minute call is £140; the fee for the 60 minute call is £190. If you have reports you want your consultant to read before the call, we charge an additional £75. It is advisable to send these several days in advance of the call you book.


If you want recommendations of specific schools for your child, you will need to book a full service - see below.

We are happy to find an advisor to talk to you at any time and without prior notice if there is an immediate problem. But sometimes, it is better for you if your consultant has had time to prepare for your call and if you have had time between booking the call and the call itself. This will help you get the best possible practical, factual and knowledgeable advice and allow you to prepare for it with all your questions ready.

Many clients begin with the SEN Telephone Consultation and then book a full service – see below. If you book an Enhanced or an Extended SEN Service within three months of your call, the cost of your Telephone Consultation will be deducted from the full service fee.

SEN Welcome Meeting

The SEN Welcome Meeting is offered to clients who would like a face-to-face meeting with a specialist SEN education consultant. It is an opportunity to discuss your child and concerns around his or her special needs and education; our services; and all the different ways we can support you in your search for the right school. You explain to us what you are looking for and we explain how we can help. You can then choose to upgrade to one of our senior services. Should you do so, the fee you have paid for the Welcome Meeting is deducted. (This upgrade is available for the Enhanced and Extended services only.)


The cost of the SEN Welcome Meeting lasting up to 90 minutes is £300. The education consultant’s travel costs will be added if the meeting is outside London or involves travel of more than one hour/20 miles.

NB The education consultant will be happy to answer all general questions during a Welcome Meeting but she will not be able to recommend specific schools to you, as this requires further in-depth research.

The Standard SEN Service – £1,250

This service takes up to 12 hours of your consultant’s time working with the support of the entire GSGEC team. The 12 hours may be spread over days, weeks or months as needed. The service may include:

  • An initial consultation whether in person or by telephone/Skype/email.
  • reading of reports.
  • research done on your behalf to identify. appropriate schools according to your criteria within a defined geographic region (up to three local authorities).
  • liaison with schools.
  • discussion and feedback after school visits and guidance on school choice.

The Enhanced SEN Service – £1,950

This service takes up to 2.5 days of your consultant’s time working with the support of the entire GSGEC team.  The service may include:

  • everything comprised in the Standard SEN Service but is appropriate if there is less than a year before a school place is needed; or if you wish to consider a wider geographic area (up to six local authorities); and/or wish to look at both mainstream and specialist provision.

The Extended SEN Service – £2,950

This service takes up to four days of your consultant’s time, working with the support of the entire GSGEC team. The service may include:

  • everything comprised in the Enhanced SEN Service, but is appropriate if more than one child is involved (either both requiring SEN places, or you need to find places for both a mainstream and SEN child); if your child is coming from an education system outside the UK; if you require more than one meeting; if there are additional factors eg the child’s first language is not English; and where you want to look at a broad geographic area, for example residential schools across London and the south of England.
  • An Extended Service will typically spread over several months, and your consultant will remain on hand to answer queries, for example, about specific schools; to help you mull over a school after a visit; to advise you on the steps needed to get an Education, Health and Care Plan and seek state funding if necessary; to advise on where to seek professional reports, legal advice; and so on.

On occasions these services may require extra hours to be added if, for example, many reports need to be read, experts consulted, availability of places ascertained. Additional hours* are charged at £150 per hour. Additional days* eg for accompanied school visits are charged at £500 per day. 

*NB Additional hours and additional days. If the advisor feels that these are indicated, you will be contacted by the administrator to let you know that these may be necessary. The consultant will estimate how much more time may be needed. No charge is made until you have agreed to go ahead.

NB2 We aim always to be sensitive to our clients’ needs and we are always flexible. It may be that the above arrangements are not appropriate for your family. We are always happy to devise a package to suit your family and circumstances.

Please feel able to call or email us to discuss any aspect of this service with absolutely no commitment beforehand.

Contact us at: or 0203 286 6824 or +44 203 286 6824 from overseas to speak to our administrator.

Your child – nothing matters more



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