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Four in ten children will need special educational support at some point in their school life. It is an everyday matter, and yet parents frequently struggle to get the right provision for their child.

A special educational need means anything that makes it harder for a child to learn than his or her classmates. So as well as the recognised disabilities, this includes problems such as mental health difficulties, post-adoption issues, gender querying, and so on, which all impact on school life

It can feel a very lonely world when your child has special needs. The system for SEN support is confusing and ever changing, and information on schools which truly offer good SEN support is hard to come by. Our specialist SEN consultants support you through the process - not only helping you to find the right school, but often also offering guidance in sourcing appropriate assessments or legal advice, and dealing with the emotional fallout. We take on each child and each family as if they were friends – and many become so. We endeavour to take as much stress out of the process for you as we can.

In more than 20 years of advising families, we have helped children with many kinds of special need, from dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia to autism spectrum disorders, ADHD/ADD, Fragile X, Prader-Willi syndrome, cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, speech and language difficulties, hearing, sight and mobility impairments, chronic illness and many more.

We have assisted families whose child is experiencing mental health difficulties, has been expelled or is under threat of exclusion for their behaviour, or who is displaying difficulties with education associated with adoption.

We offer a bespoke service. Our services range from troubleshooting ‘phone advice on how to deal with a particular problem, to a cross-country search for the right school. We might resolve it in 30 minutes, or we might work with you for 12 months.

Our specialist team of SEN consultants have backgrounds in SEN teaching, therapy, advocacy, and some have raised children with special needs themselves. They understand the important questions you need to consider. You can read about all our consultants here: Who we are

Our SEN consultancy service can help you to find the right school for your child at any stage of education – from starting school through to the specialist colleges for 19-25 year-olds.

Call us on: 0800 368 7694 (UK) or +44 203 286 6824 from overseas or email: [email protected]

You will speak to one of our admin team - Shari, Amanda or Kathryn - who will listen sympathetically and efficiently to the reason for your call, consult with the Director of the Service and the Director of SEN and ensure you are allocated the best consultant for your particular concerns.

You may have an introductory call with your advisor before committing to a full service, if you wish (the cost of this will be deducted from your package).

Read here what parents say about our services

Our SEN services

SEN Telephone Consultation

Our telephone consultation offers you the opportunity to discuss your child’s situation with an expert.

How long and how much?

You can book a call of 30 or 60 minutes. The fee for the 30 minute call is £140; the fee for the 60 minute call is £190. If you have reports you want your consultant to read before the call, we charge an additional £75. It is advisable to send these several days in advance of the call you book.

If you want recommendations of specific schools for your child, you will need to book a full service, as this involves many hours of research and liaison with schools, specifically tailored to your child.

We are happy to find an advisor to talk to you at any time and without prior notice if there is an immediate problem.

SEN Welcome Meeting

The SEN Welcome Meeting is offered to clients who would like a face-to-face meeting with a specialist SEN education consultant. It is an opportunity to discuss your child and concerns around his or her special needs and education; our services; and all the different ways we can support you in your search for the right school. You can then choose to upgrade to one of our senior services. Should you do so, the fee you have paid for the Welcome Meeting is deducted.


The cost of the SEN Welcome Meeting lasting up to 90 minutes is £300. The education consultant’s travel costs will be added if the meeting is outside London or involves travel of more than one hour/20 miles.

NB The education consultant will be happy to answer all general questions during a Welcome Meeting but she will not be able to recommend specific schools to you, as this requires further in-depth research.

The SEN Local Service – £1,350

For those who are staying put and want to look at state and/or independent schools with good SEN support (and/or special schools where appropriate) within daily travelling distance from their home. This service takes up to 9 hours of your consultant’s time working with the support of the entire GSGEC team. The 9 hours may be spread over days, weeks or months as needed. The service may include:

  • An initial consultation whether in person or by telephone/Skype/email.
  • reading of reports.
  • research done on your behalf to identify appropriate schools according to your criteria within daily travelling distance of your current home
  • liaison with schools.
  • discussion and feedback after school visits and guidance on school choice.

The SEN City Service – £2,400

For those who work in London or another city, and want to look at schools anywhere that put them within commuting reach.  We would cover state and/or independent schools with good SEN support (and/or special schools if appropriate) which would enable you to live within daily travelling distance of your workplace. This service covers the same work as a Local Service, but allows for a greater amount of time (up to 16 hours of your consultant’s time working with the support of the entire GSGEC team) to cover a wider geographic area. 

The SEN Extended Service – £3,300

Suitable if you are flexible about where you live and wish to look for day schools across several counties, or if you want to look for residential schools/colleges for your child across a large geographical area. Can cover both mainstream and special sectors.

This service takes up to 22 hours of your consultant’s time, working with the support of the entire GSGEC team. An Extended Service will typically spread over several months, and your consultant will remain on hand to answer queries, for example, about specific schools; to help you mull over a school after a visit; to advise you on the steps needed to get an Education, Health and Care Plan and seek state funding if necessary; to advise on where to seek professional reports, legal advice; and so on.

The SEN International Service – £4,200

For overseas families wishing to find a British mainstream or special school which can support their child's special educational needs.  We would find schools within reach of airports or the family's UK base, including those which can sponsor children with Tier 4 visas or which can support children whose first language is not English.

This service provides additional help to families who are coming from an educational system outside the UK to help you through the system; to help you find UK professionals who can carry out assessments; to set up appointments for you to visit schools and for your child to come in for assessments; and so on.

This service allows for up to 28 hours of your consultant's time, backed by the GSGEC team.

The SEN Family Service - bespoke package

Many of our clients have families in which one child has special needs, but, perhaps owing to relocation, they need to find additional schools for several children. We help you to find the schools which can cater for their differing needs, within a manageable school run. Package prices are tailored according to the number of children/type of special needs/and types of schools required (ie junior/senior/both and whether boys/girls/both).

The SEN Crisis Service - bespoke package

Unfortunately children with special needs are far more likely to be excluded from schools than others. And parents of children with special needs are more likely to find themselves in a head's office being advised to move their children elsewhere. We can step in to take the emotional heat out of the situation and to help you find places at short notice at schools where eventually both you and your child will be happier. Contact us for a tailored package price.

We also offer a troubleshooting phone call service. Our most experienced consultants can be on hand at short notice to give you advice and guidance on how to handle a specific problem.

To discuss any aspect of this service with absolutely no commitment, contact us at: [email protected] or 0800 368 7694 (UK) or +44 203 286 6824 from overseas to speak to our administrator.


Your child – nothing matters more



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