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For nearly 30 years the Good Schools Guide has provided trusted help and advice to parents, helping them with one of the most important questions they face - choosing the right school for their child. The Good Careers Guide (GCG) is a natural development of that help, aimed particularly at young people making decisions about their futures.

Schools' careers departments:

How to evaluate them

Outside advice and interventions that schools can use to help your child - and our views on them

The best in apprenticeships:

What to look for in a worthwhile apprenticeship

The GCG's reviews of the ones that you might reasonably prefer to university

Celebrating apprenticeships

Our project to encourage schools to celebrate apprenticeships gained by their alumni

Improving access to careers information:

Our Aviator project, connecting careers information



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  • Capgemini degree apprenticeships review

    Higher Apprenticeship in Software. ‘In terms of technical ability qualified HAs are as good as graduates’, said a Capgemini manager. Increasingly Capgemini Project managers like having apprentices on their teams. They get a kick out of helping HAs learn and seeing them blossom. Equally, apprentices inspire colleagues with their enthusiasm, energy and fresh perspectives. Many software engineering higher apprentices (HAs) will be working on multi-million pound accounts within three months of joining the company, designing and developing solutions for IT based problems for companies such as Rolls-Royce or major fashion retailers. Consulting on technology projects can mean living out of…

  • How to tell if an apprenticeship is a good one

    Apprenticeships are enormously varied: a thousand different specifications, and then variations depending on each training provider and each employer.  Here's our guide to the questions you should ask if you want to know if the apprenticeship you are looking at will come up to your hopes and expectations.

  • The Good Careers Guide Apprenticeship Reviews

    We have begun to create independent reviews of apprenticeship programmes (really getting under the skin of organisations to see how they tick in terms of their current and future apprenticeships offers), to give teachers, careers advisers, parents and pupils a reliable and insightful view of what each apprenticeship offers, in the short and in the long term, and of who it suits. Please take a look at them, and let us know what you think.

  • The Royal Navy apprenticeships reviewed

    The Royal Navy offers opportunities that you simply can’t get elsewhere – from policing the world’s oceans and preventing conflict to delivering humanitarian aid and safeguarding trade routes, no two days are the same. Progression is excellent - good sailors can achieve several promotions within five years. They gain qualifications that are recognized in the civilian workplace and, providing they have the appropriate academic qualifications, they can do a university degree at no cost to themselves. A Navy career is ‘a lifestyle, not a job,’ while a sub-lieutenant (Commissioned Officer) who had worked his way up the ranks (or rates, as…

  • Celebrating Apprenticeships

    In partnership with The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS), we are trialling a campaign to see if saying Thank You to schools and teachers increases their interest in putting more students forward for apprenticeships. We would be delighted if you felt able to share the message below, or a version of it, with your current apprentices, or those who have recently completed an apprenticeship with you. Thank you in advance for your help and, if you have any queries at all, please do get in touch

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