b'LONDON AND SOUTH EASTLatest results: In 2021, 70 per cent 9-7 at GCSE; 62level, but theres plenty of debate for those with per cent A*/A at A level. Average IB point score 40.a political bent.In 2019 (the last year when exams took place), 63 per cent 9-7 at GCSE; 35 per cent A*/A at A levelLearning support and SEN: LS supports 98 pupils (61 per cent A*-B). Average IB score 34. with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, ASD, SEMH. A parent of a dyslexic daughter said support is Teaching and learning: They work for [their] ownexcellent and her daughters condence has achievements take nothing for granted, said aincreased. Prospective pupils must meet the parent, and the self motivation of pupils here isschools selective academic criteria, with reason-evident from a glance at the extraordinary newsable adjustments made during the assessment in the latest release: two pupils received awardsprocess. Support is one-to-one and in small in the John Locke essay competition, two moregroups, out of class, at no extra charge. A parent received Arkwright engineering scholarships,whose child was helped with revision methods and one pupil (not a native Japanese speaker) wascommented that this department isnt just about highly commended in the Stephen Spender prizelabelled conditions, but about helping every for her translation of an eighth-century Japanesechild get better.poem. Another parent said that it is denitely competitive, but not in a horrible, pointing ngerThe arts and extracurricular: Each year I nd out way [they] all want to do well. so many new things I can do, said a pupil, adding The desire to succeed can result in pupilsthat the vast range of opportunities and facilities feeling pressure, say parents, but there is plentyare the best things about the school; there are of support: Teachers are on hand, also tutorsover 60 clubs including Arabic, fencing, girls in house always a teacher around outside therugby and Model United Nations. The CCF travels classroom. [They] seem to have a 24/7 rolethe world. CH hopes pupils will develop lifelong you can drop in and see them very support- interests, and one pupil told us, I want to be a ive. Theyre aware of the whole student, anotherphotographer, not because of any lessons, but added, saying she sometimes receives an emailbecause of the photography club.saying her son is working very hard, and needs to get a balance. A pupil commented, Theres a lot of pressure, but they are lenient with people who need it. Mental health [care] is really goodPlenty of challenge to be found inyou can leave a lesson and go back to house ifthe academic curriculum. The head things are getting on top of you.There is plenty of challenge to be found in thewants children here to like learning, academic curriculum; lower down the school thisdrily assuring us he is not so rash as includes two modern languages and Latin for all, and an HPQ in the third form (year 9), in whichto hope they will love itpupils independently research and present a pro-ject on any subject of interest to them. Challenge is one of the heads favourite The head is keen to connect subjects withwords, and in this vein he is keen to introduce a philosophical base, so that education at CH ismore outdoor education, such as walking, kayak-more than attainment in individual subjects. Heing and cycling. Put them on a moor, and they would like children here to like learning, drilywill understand how to work together to survive assuring us he is not so rash as to hope they will like a DofE for all.love it. A new director of teaching and learningThe community action programme runs is touring classes to make sure what happens inthroughout the week, and is limited only by the the classroom is delightful; we didnt see manynumber of minibuses that can fan out from the delighted faces on our tour, but as the head says,school, with 200 pupils visiting care homes and [we] can teach inventiveness. [Its] early days, butprimary schools, and running a club for disabled [we are] learning how to be better teachers. Therepeople, Ready and Able, in the sports centre.was a good buzz in science, but most lessons wePupils are involved in every aspect of produc-saw were those of quiet concentration. tions in the large 70s theatre, with a junior and IB and its philosophy suits this school well,senior show each year. Drama lessons provide a and about a third opt for it; the others, clear aboutspace for pupils to explore difcult emotions; their choices, choose A level and Pre-Uso weworkshops have explored immigration and the invent a philosophy for A level students, said MrGrenfell Tower tragedy. The recent production Reid, and pupils are encouraged to build diversityof West Side Story showcased both dramatic and into their four subjects (pupils can drop a subjectmusical talent; musical opportunities are amaz-if four is too much). No psychology or politics at Aing, said a parent. The marching band make a 616'