b'At these schools all the boys board and may go home only for exeats, usually two or three long weekends per term ; sometimes sixth formers have extra leave days as privileges. However, parents are more involved with school life than formerly; those who live near enough can attend matches, concerts and plays, and technology enables much closer contact over long distances too with many events live streamed. Boys at these senior schools will often have attended full boarding boys preps such as Cothill House and Horris Hill or preps where boarding is compulsory for all in the last two years (7 and 8) such as Caldicott and Papplewick. Girls full boarding schools There are now very few exclusively full boarding schools for girls, Benenden was the latest to announce that it will start admitting a small number of day pupils. Downe House, Wycombe Abbey, Sherborne Girls and Tudor Hall only offer full boarding (no exi/weekly) but also take a few local day pupils. Hanford School in Dorset and Sunny Hill in Somerset are two of a tiny handful of girls-only boarding preps. The best-known girls boarding schools such as Roedean, Badminton and Cheltenham Ladies College were established in the mid- to late-19th century by formidable pioneers of womens education. This makes them relative newcomers compared to the likes of boys schools such as Abingdon School, founded in the 11th century or Winchester College, founded in 1382. For this reason most girls schools lack the extensive property portfolios and endowments held by their brothers, making resources for bursaries etc much more limited.Co-ed full boarding schoolsIf you want your sons and daughters to attend a full boarding school together there are quite a few co-ed 28'