b'What type of boardingfull, weekly or flexi?If youre reading this youve probably already decided that boarding might suit your son or daughter. If so, the next step is to consider the arrangement that best ts in with your familyand your pocket. Unlike the old days, when youngsters were packed off to school at the age of 7 or 8 and didnt see home again until the end of term, many of todays boarding schools offer parents a range of optionsanything from the occasional night to weekly or full-time. Not all schools are equally exible and whatever package you choose must usually be agreed upon from term to term, but schools have adapted to parents needs and theres certainly more choice than ever before. For instance, a child who starts off boarding for one or two days a week may decide to weekly board during exam times or become a full boarder in the sixth form Whichever option you choose, theres no doubt that boarding schools are more skilled than ever at helping their charges settle in and feel at home. They may run taster weekends, get new pupils to start before the rest of the school arrives and appoint buddies and mentors to guide them through the rst few weeks and beyond. Pupils are encouraged to keep in regular touch with their parentsand its not just a handwritten letter hastily scribbled before chapel on Sunday mornings either. Children can email, Skype, Zoom andif mobile phones are allowedtext or phone home whenever they wish. And if your childs too busy to get in touch (it does happen) you can always contact house staff for an update.Full boarding Proper full boarding schools have diminished in number, many that were once full boarding only have adapted to meet parents preference for weekly or exi options. But, 24'