b'Who can apply? As with other state schools, these are open to British citizens, EU passport holders and anyone with a right of residence in the UK. Some are academically selective, some are single sex, and they are permitted to interview pupils (which other state schools are not) in order to ensure they are suitable candidates for boarding. Detailed information regarding admissions criteria for applicants from the UK and other countries can be found on schools websites.How many are there? There are 34 in Britain, including one in the Scilly Isles and one in Scotlandthe latter for children from Forces familieswith a total of some 5000+ places. Some offer full boarding, others only weekly boarding and some have boarding for sixth formers only.What to consider As with any other school, read prospectuses, school magazines and newsletters, inspection reports and reviews such as those in this book. We review about half of British state boarding schools, and have extensive data for all of them on our website. See page 1287 for our reviews of state boarding schools.38'