b'NORTHERN ENGLAND, SCOTLAND AND NORTHERN IRELANDprovisions for the army; his only son died in 1815,in Scotland to be rated excellent by the Care and William in 1836. While he had originallyInspectorate across all areas for several years.intended to found a hospital, he later decided toThree-tier system on the discipline side: create a school for orphans and the needy. Afterhousemaster, deputy head, head; rustication/prudent investment, the trustees decided thatformal warning and suspension or expulsion. with 166,000 in the kitty, there were enoughZero tolerance policy on drugs; this resulted funds to acquire land, build and endow a school:in a well-reported expulsion a few years ago. Fettes opened in 1870 with 50 boys. Anyone who has watched Trainspotting will know Purpose-built, designed by architect DavidEdinburgh has a long-standing drugs problem, in Bryce, its hard not be impressed by the vastcommon with most big cities, causing a headache Grimms fairy tale of a building, complete withfor schools. The older pupils are young adults and turrets, acres of wood panelling and shiny blackhave the freedom to go to the city centre within oors. One of the admin staff reassured us as wecurfew times. Young adults make mistakes and entered: Dont feel intimidated. you cant help but feel that the press enjoy ramp-Various Victorian edices are scattered abouting it up because its an expensive independent the schools wonderful 90-acre grounds, bang inschool.the middle of Edinburgh. The collection of newVery clear house-visiting rulesno overt dem-and converted buildings that house the preponstrations of affection; bonking equals out (as department are much bigger than they look froman 18-year-old A-grade pupil found out after rela-the outside. The newest Fettes addition is thetions with another youth on a school excursion). impressive Spens building, opened by Nobel PrizeThey do lose the occasional pupil for all these winning author and economist Sir Angus Deatonmisdemeanours, ditto bullying. Strong anti-bul-(and Old Fettesian) in 2015. A combination oflying ethos.new-build and refurbishment, it is home to theHouse loyalty is strong; there are house modern languages, mathematics, geography, eco- attainment and effort awards. Effort is what nomics departments, plus a music school withyou do with what youve got. To have the right music practice pods and huge light-filled artattitude of hard work. School meals should school that extends into the roof void. be impressive and they were when we visited: a myriad healthy options, colourful salads and fresh sh. Youd be hard pushed not to nd some-thing you like.Variety of whole-school events:Very attractive uniformmost noticeable are ceilidhs, Burns Night suppers, blackthe boys burgundy striped blazers and the girls tie dinners. Everyoneincludingtartan skirts.staff and parentsjoins in thePupils and parents: The avour has changed from home-grown Scots to more international: some annual 5k, 10k or half marathon 60 per cent from Scotland, 15 per cent from the rest of the UK, 15 per cent British expats and 10 Pupils meet every morning for assembly andper cent foreign nationals (from over 40 countries congregational singing in the beautiful chapel. North America to Hong Kong). Very strong Old The house hymns are more like anthems. Non- Fettesian stream, plus loads of rst-time buyers, denom Sunday service. intellectuals etc etc. Good vibrant mix.Caring ethos and traditional values. Pupils stood up as we entered the room. Hard workMoney matters: Well-endowed with scholarships ethic; pupils are expected to give their very best.including academic, music, sports, all-rounder, The former famous trad boys school is now genu- piping, art, up to 10 per cent of fees. Also means-inely co-ed. tested bursaries: The level of these awards depend Old Fettesians include John de Chastelaine,upon parents nancial means and can cover up Ian McLeod, James Bond, Lord Woolf,Tony Blair,to the full value of the fees. Over 70 students are Sir Angus Deaton and composer Lorne Balfe. already in receipt of large-scale bursaries (cover-ing 80100 per cent of the fees). Due to a very Pastoral care, inclusivity and discipline: Everyonelarge anonymous donation, school has launched can visit their tutor to discuss how they arethe Fettes KickStart campaign, which will see doing Not just academically, a confidante.two pupils per year join the prep school for their Peers, prefects, head of house, matron, tutor,entire schooling up to 18. School is working with medical centre staff, chaplain. Always some- six local primary schools on this project to iden-one you can trust. Tells us it is the only schooltify eligible pupils. Special (Todd) bursaries for Old 1180'