b'groups of sixth formers take turns to stay for ve days in the school at in the nearby village. They are given housekeeping money and (apart from lunch at school) must manage this and the chores. Apparently sometimes it runs like clockwork, sometimes mummies deliver food parcels and help clean up at the end.Which house? Parents often ask us how to get their child into a particular housemaybe theyve heard on the grapevine that x is the sporty house or y is the best house. While its true that the character of the house parents or housemaster/mistress is inevitably going to have an inuence, schools tell us that they work hard to ensure every house has a good mix of types. Its also worth bearing in mind that during your childs years at the school house staff may leave, so its best not to pin all your hopes on someone you happen to particularly like. Families are encouraged to look round several, if not all, boarding houses and apply in order of preferencebut school has the nal say. In the end it probably doesnt matter, house identity and loyalty is so strong that whichever house your child goes into will very soon be the best in their eyes. Houseparents House parents, as the name suggests, will be most closely involved in your childs day-to-day life at school. They are your rst point of contact and you should feel able to ask them anything and expect to get prompt answers to your questions. This is a highly professional and responsible job and to a great extent your childs happiness will depend on their (and your) relationship with these people. Many, but not all, house parents are married couples, often with childrenand petsof their own. One (or very often both) is likely to teach at the school. They live in 44'